Designer attic in Madrid – Modern attic with entertainment area

From the outside to the inside, inclined windows and wooden strips pull over the sight of a colorful ambience that both parents and children can enjoy in this designer attic apartment. In a minimalist, Scandinavian style, the cozy home offers enough space for various activities or simply to relax.

Functional designer attic apartment

designer penthouse with wide living room, play area with tent and sofa

The architects started the design of this living space directly under the roof on the top floor. It didn’t come about on a whim, however. Here, at this level, the customer wanted to concentrate all the features of the comfort and special amenities of his new home in a generously dimensioned, double-height and mixed-use area.

mezzanine floor with wooden shelves full of books and canvas for children to paint

The lively loft apartment offers various options for entertainment, relaxation, games, reading, painting, music and playing the guitar. The hospitable residents have dedicated them to their future visitors and guests. So let’s climb the stairs and take a look inside this redefined designer attic apartment.

large and spacious guest room with banisters in the designer attic

As a former storage room that has become a family center, this impresses with its straight, clean lines and colorful design. The new heart of this home is thus shifting to new heights.

Combine comfort and freedom

loft apartment with sloping roof and led pendant lights

When we enter the living room, which has been transformed into a cozy designer apartment, a very inviting atmosphere welcomes us. As soon as we step over the natural-looking wooden floor, we are greeted by stylish and practical living areas, which contain all the furnishings required for comfortable living. However, we are not only talking about the atypical furniture, but also about the integrated, atmospheric play area with a tent.

gray stairs with wood in modern furnishings next to a play area with a tent in the living room

The family-friendly arrangement of the pieces of furniture also attracts attention, while the practical integrated shelves ensure a clean look. The renovated staircase, together with the pendant lights, rounds off the whole stylish look of the living room.

entertainment area next to staircase with work area above

On the upper floor we see a simply furnished work area. This looks like a kind of control center that still offers sufficient privacy. The windows installed close to each other also ensure an excellent flow of light in the room during the day.

Compact floor plan in designer apartment

scandinavian style in the small sleeping area with seat cushions and bed with stairs

In the other area of ​​the apartment there is a small bedroom with a ladder above the bed, which leads to a small room with a seat cushion and a round table. In addition to the bedroom, we also see an equally small bathroom with a sloping roof, which is particularly tastefully furnished.

compact bathroom with skylight and stylish design

The only skylight lets in enough light, while a modern shower area is separated from the toilet by a glass door. The noble marble flooring leaves nothing to be desired and the stylish vanity fits perfectly into the room.

small bathroom with dark tiles and wooden vanity opposite shower cubicle

In the designer attic apartment, the architects have optimally coordinated all furnishing elements and the floor plan. For this reason, the result was a modern city apartment adapted to the needs of the residents. For today’s conditions in the densely populated districts of the big cities, this turns out to be a very successful and practical concept of contemporary architecture.

Furnishings used

The bath towel hangs on the glass door in the shower area under the skylight in the bathroom with marble flooring

First in the guest room:

  • Cushion cover with geometric pattern 45 × 45 cm
  • green cushions 45 × 45 cm
  • transparent vinyl frame
  • black side table
  • ceiling
  • Ceramic vase with flowers
  • oval tray and glass vase

Then in the attic:

  • Baskets set
  • artificial plant in the pot
  • table lamp
  • black and white cushion made of wool, 40 × 60 cm
  • Glasses set
  • Ceramic candle holders
  • anthracite colored ceramic vase
  • black side table
  • decorative piece made of teak
  • hourglass
  • multi-colored cotton blanket, 130 × 170 cm
  • hand-woven carpet

Finally on the mezzanine:

  • Seat cushions with black and white patterns
  • black painted aluminum lamp
  • Set of round baskets with handles
  • colored pillows
  • ceiling
  • Vintage carpet

floor plan of designer penthouse with play space and entertainment area bedroom and bathroom

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