Crafting with lace doilies for attractive DIY decorations

tinker with lace doilies mural-diy-vintage-shabby-frame-wood

If you like romantic decorations, you can’t go wrong with lace. The nostalgic atmosphere created by the top makes every interior a place to relax. Since not everyone can crochet or just doesn’t have the time, ready-made fabrics can also be used. Lace doilies are particularly suitable for this. We have some original ideas about how to Crafting with lace doilies put together that you are welcome to imitate. You will be amazed what pretty things can be done with these tablecloths.

Handicrafts with lace doilies – a lamp in the shape of a sphere

Tinker with lace doilies shadow-effect-light-room-lighting-idea

Lamps that throw great light and shadow effects on the wall are particularly attractive. If you use lace doilies to make such a vintage lamp, you get exactly this effect and thus a great DIY decoration for any room. Depending on the size of the lamp, you will need several lace doilies as well as a round balloon or a ball and wallpaper glue.

Make an attractive lamp with a lace doily

tinker with lace doilies balloon-ball-stick-ball-shape-lamp

Inflate the balloon, or rather, take the ball and put the first doily on it if you are making this idea with lace doilies. While holding it, rub the wallpaper glue liberally until it is completely soaked. Then add the next doily, overlapping the previous one and so on. Let everything dry well. Then pierce the ball or balloon, remove it from the inside, and add the socket and lightbulb.

Tinker children’s room lighting yourself

tinker with lace doilies lamp-do-it-yourself-easy-children's room-decoration

As I said, you can choose the lamp in any size. You can also use this ball to enhance an old floor lamp or table lamp. Simply remove the old lampshade and replace it with the ball made from lace doily. No special skills or a lot of money are required to make lamps with lace doilies.

Lamp in the shape of a hemisphere


Another variant for a lamp is the shape of a hemisphere. This is also a great alternative if you don’t have enough doilies to form a whole ball. To do handicrafts with lace doilies, you again need a balloon and doilies, which you can also color. To manufacture, proceed as in the previous example.

Make bowls 

tinker-doilies-colorful-paint-bowls-do it-yourself-easy

You can also use the shape of a hemisphere to make decorative bowls. The shells look best when you always use a full doily. If necessary, you can glue several doilies together to make larger bowls for handicrafts with lace doilies.

Coloring lace doilies


The bowls look particularly attractive if you dye them beforehand. Use any shade of food coloring and just dip the outer edge in the paint. The ombre effect is created automatically when the color spreads a little further inwards. The more you dive, the stronger the color. Then let the doily dry for 24 hours before you continue tinkering with lace doilies.

Shape the shell


Now you will need wallpaper glue again for tinkering with lace doilies, which is best put in a bowl as well as cling film and a plastic or metal bowl of any size. Wrap the bowl with the foil to protect it from the glue. Dip the doily completely into the adhesive, let it drip off briefly and spread the doily evenly on the upside-down bowl, where the adhesive should now dry.

Attractive fabric cake bell

tinker with lace doilies colorful-dessert-bell-cake-hood

You can use the same shape for tinkering with lace doilies if you want to make cake bells. You should only attach a button or knob that is as light as possible in order to be able to lift the bell more easily. Remember that the meshes and holes should be as small as possible to prevent insects from getting through while you are drinking coffee outdoors.

Romantic lantern


Small bowls as a craft idea for decorations can also be used as a lantern and thus decorate the table in an attractive way. To tinker with lace doilies, proceed as described above. If you do not dare to light a real candle so as not to accidentally burn the fabric, simply use artificial LED candles.

Pretty dream catchers

tinker-lace-doilies-dream catchers-make-yourself-strips of fabric

Dream catchers are a popular decoration. The accessory, which originated from the Indians, can be tinkered quickly and easily if you use lace doilies with it. You also need a wooden ring and various ribbons, possibly feathers and thread. In the following you will find out exactly how you have to proceed when you make dream catchers with lace doilies.

Crafting with lace doilies – instructions for dream catchers

tinker-lace-doilies-instructions-dream catcher-yarn-simple-present

You can wrap the wooden ring with ribbon or twine when making this project with lace doilies. The doily is then stretched taut in the ring with the same thread. Tie strips of fabric, chains, feathers or other suitable items at the bottom of the ring and a string at the top for hanging.

Great gift idea

tinker-lace-doilies-simple-tinker-idea-dream catcher-lace-ring-bands

Since these dream catchers are quick and easy to make, you can use the idea of ​​tinkering with lace doilies if you are still looking for a suitable gift for someone. You can also use scraps of fabric and you will get a particularly inexpensive decoration for your home. A great variant for tinkering with lace doilies.

Colorful table runner

tinker-lace-doilies-table runner-idea-colorful-circles-crochet

Would you like an original table runner that highlights the table in a special way? Then create a patchwork of different lace doilies, which you can also dye again beforehand. Create a motley design or choose nuances of a color. For handicrafts with lace doilies, you can sew the individual doilies together or use glue.

Design murals


Color in smaller lace doilies and stick them on any canvas to create interesting decorations for the wall. This idea for tinkering with lace doilies is also perfect as a gift and can be expanded with lettering and wishes. You are also welcome to choose a larger canvas and combine several doilies, as was done with our cover picture.

Stamp with lace pattern

tinker-lace doilies-stamp-make-yourself-lace-motif-romantic

Paper and fabrics can be designed individually if a stamp is used. Believe it or not, these can be made with lace doilies. You will also need a rolling pin and glue. The instructions for crafting with lace doilies are given below.

Doilies and rolling pin


The dough roll is coated with glue and then covered with the tip doily. Take this step-by-step. It is important that the doily is also cut at the end so that the two ends do not overlap, but form an even “joint”. Finally, coat the roll with wallpaper glue again to seal everything well and you can start tinkering with lace doilies.

Create pretty patterns


With this stamp roll you can now decorate all kinds of things. Wrapping paper can now be individually designed, as can walls or even furniture. The pattern also gets the popular shabby look as the paint looks worn. Even beginners can do handicrafts with lace doilies without any problems!

Lace apron


As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go without lace just because you can’t crochet. Some ready-made lace doilies can be used for a wide variety of purposes, as they already have a very decorative appearance. How about such an apron? Every housewife will be very happy about it. For handicrafts with lace doilies, the doilies are simply sewn together, which even beginners can do.

Make door wreaths with lace doilies

tinker-lace-doilies-inspiration-wreath-design-lace-ring-dress up

This door wreath is also a very simple idea. The doilies are simply wrapped around the wreath and glued or tied. Again, you can make colorful lace. The wreath can also be adorned with other decorative elements that do not necessarily have to be made of lace. Adapt it to the season or the current festival when you make it with lace doilies.