Corten steel facade and trees integrated into the DIYA house

Corten steel facade courtyard-roofed-terrace-rectangular-concrete slabs

The material corten steel is on the rise and enjoys great popularity with architects and designers all over the world. The DIYA house, for example, is located in Ahmedabad, India and was completed by SPASM Architects in 2016. It is a single family home for a young couple with a 9 year old child and their parents and the architectural plan should be adapted to their needs. the Corten steel facade and the preservation of 284 trees on the construction site are just two of the excellent features this home has to offer.

Corten steel facade for single family home in India

Corten steel facade pool terrace anthracite tiles

In order not to damage the trees, the house design was adapted to them. This resulted in several open courtyards and labyrinths of interconnected rooms. At the entrance you can still see a cantilevered 16 meter long canopy and underneath a vertical wooden lamellar facade that filters air and light and lets cool breezes flow freely into the inner courtyard. In the entrance hall, a neem tree looks like a sculpture and tells about the strong presence of nature that can be felt throughout the house.

Corten steel facade and beautiful swimming pool

Corten steel facade -pool-palm-greening

Ahmedabad is mostly dry all year round, although it occasionally rains from the end of June to August, which is why the architects use various strategies to mitigate the intense heat, such as massive rammed earth walls with high thermal mass, inner courtyards with trees, vertical pivoting wooden slats, and top-hung windows Net inserts and others. The sliding glass walls in the living area can also be opened completely and connected to the surrounding green area. The landscaping plan includes ferns, window leaves, arrow leaves, philodendrons, myrobalans, and other plant species.

green meadow behind the house

Corten steel facade -green-meadow-sliding-doors

The upper floor is characterized by a ventilated Corten steel facade made of individual elements measuring 0.5 x 5.5 meters. These panels absorb the sun’s heat and let it rise with the air circulation, while the rooms inside stay nice and cool. Foam insulation of the roofing in combination with reflective tiles, sliding facade elements should reduce the heat in the house.

floor-to-ceiling glass walls let sunlight into the house


For the furnishing of the house, several pieces of furniture and objects made of wood and brass were specially designed for the customers. The bespoke furniture also includes mirrors, towel rails, bookshelves, sinks, TV furniture and tables. The main staircase is a masterpiece made of wood and handrail made of rosewood and cast brass. The art objects are a gift from friends and family to customers. Named after her daughter DIYA, this single family home is full of love and light.

wide roof at the entrance to the house

courtyard-terrace slabs-wooden slats-lawn edging

Tree seamlessly integrated into the house design

tree-corridor-integrated-gravel-floor-tiles-wooden slats-privacy protection

shiny marble-look floor tiles surround the tree


Wooden panels on the ceiling

living area-modern-Persian carpet-gray-sofa-metal-coffee tables

massive wooden steps without railings

corridor-wood-stairs-exposed concrete-wall design

Wall design in concrete and wood look in the bedroom


Wood and iron bed with an industrial look

bedroom-wall design-concrete look-four-poster bed-wooden floor

Bed on a wooden platform


Ocher wall paint in the bathroom


Walk-in shower and high-gloss bathroom tiles in beige


Perforated Corten steel sheet on the facade filters the light

Corten steel facade-perforated sheet-inside-view-sun protection

Landscaping adapted to Indian climate

inner-courtyard-view-tree-integrated-rectangular-step plates

beautiful mosaic tiles in the swimming pool

Corten steel facade-perforated sheet-window-pool-lighting

beautiful and functional swimming pool lighting

Corten steel-facade-perforated sheet-decorative-pool-lighting-night

Floor plan of the first floor

single-family house-floor plan-ground floor-living area

Floor plan of the upper floor

single-family house-floor plan-first floor

the family house in cross section

single-family house-floor plan-plan-cross-section

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