Contemporary villa in Rio with a minimalist design


The contemporary Villa AL Rio de Janeiro pleases with its clear design language and open, but robust construction. The dream holiday home, designed by Arthur Casas, is located in the hills near Pedra da Gávea – a popular spot for adventure sports such as hang gliding and skydiving.

Contemporary villa by Arthur Casas AL Rio de Janeiro


Arthur Casas’ modern residence is owned by Alex Lerner, host of a successful television show in Brazil. When he acquired the property in 2009 and had special plans for the use of the site, he met with the architect Arthur Casas and commissioned him to build a villa that would be characterized by its simple elegance. As a passionate swimmer who swims at least four times a week, Lerner wanted a spacious terrace with a swimming pool. The stone-clad outer walls of the building were also to be exactly the same gray-beige-peach-colored hue as the stone on the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Contemporary villa with a sophisticated ambience


With its original furniture, the villa is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rio de Janeiro. The whole complex includes spacious accommodations and suites for the gardener and servants’ rooms on the ground floor, 2 guest rooms on the second floor and private areas on the top floor. The window front along the width of the house lets in a lot of natural light, thereby gaining warmth and opening up breathtaking views of the ocean panorama.

The second and third floors allow direct access to the pool deck 


Elaborately furnished that contemporary villa with a clear concept based on minimalism, impresses with its reduced design and simplicity.

Fantastic location with sea views

Holiday home-hillside-endless-infinity-pool-Rio-de-Janeiro

Contemporary villa built with natural materials


The living room looks airy, open and spacious


Sun terrace with infinity pool and sea view

Weekend house-pool-masonry-stone cladding-sun loungers-modern

Modern living area with an open character




Spacious-terrace-with-ocean-view-lounge-sun loungers-pool


travertine stone-clad-interior-walls-cantilever-staircase-spiral staircase-wood



Design ideas-in-the-kitchen-dining-table-wood-red cedar-flooring

cozy-design-ideas-puristic-white-bathroom-mirror-wall-weekend house

Architect house-simple-design-open-concept-cooking-dining areas