Contemporary new build villa with generous living space

luxury villa elevated position-massive concrete facade-covered parking space

Casa Jacarandas is a modern one New build villa in exclusive residential area in the Mexican city of Zapopan, Guadalajara. Located on an elevated plot of land, the property enjoys an open view over the surroundings and green areas. The villa bears the signature of the architect Hernandez Silva and is characterized by its ultra-modern architectural style.

Casa Jacarandas newly built concrete villa in an exclusive location

Casa-Jacarandas-light-flooded-rooms-upper floor-balconies-spacious

Viewed from the street, the New build villa a high level of privacy. There is a stone staircase up to the main entrance, to the right of which there is a covered parking space. The wooden lamellas of the terrace roof filter the incoming sun rays and influence the strict and massive effect of the building.

Private residence with a contemporary look

Hernandez-Silva-Arquitectos-Casa-Jacarandas-modern-real estate-mexico

The use of glass on the rear facade gives the massive concrete structure a visual lightness. The property is built over 3 floors. The main living room opens onto a spacious living terrace on the lovely landscape and allows a wonderful view of the city. The bedroom suites with spacious balconies are distributed on the upper floor.

Modern concrete house with flat roof and window front


The interior is dominated by bright colors – yellow in the dining area, red-orange on the living terrace. A vertical green wall sets the highlight in the kitchen. Wood inside brings a feeling of warmth, while natural stone outside conveys a cool, calm atmosphere.

Light-flooded rooms on the upper floor

New-build-villa-quiet-location-upper floor-balconies-outdoor-furniture-lounge

Many places are suitable for relaxing in the newly built villa – the veranda, balconies, the idyllic garden, completed by a small pond. Lounge furniture, hammocks and hanging chairs invite you to relax and unwind.

Pictures by: Mito Covarrubias

The ground floor is barrier-free connected to the living terrace and the garden

Modern concrete house-flat roof-window-front terrace-garden

Villa located on an elevated plot

Contemporary-new-build-villa-concrete-open-view-over-surrounding-green areas

Casa Jacarandas by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos- street facade


Smooth transition from interior to exterior

Concrete-new-build-villa-casa-jacarandas-roofing-parking space

Newly built villa in a quiet location  


The front of the house with a mowed lawn 


Transparent glass front lets in enough light and air 


The living room has direct access to the garden via panels


Private-residence-exclusive-contemporary-appearance-covered living-terrace

Outdoor lounge-hanging sofa-wooden roofing-sun protection terrace


Terrace-wood-metal grating-railing-elevated-position-mowed-lawn-view-city

Interior-dominated-by-bright-colors-yellow-dining area


Living room-with-sliding-doors-glazed-double-high-ceiling

Metal banister-staircase-full-glazing-lets-enough-light-air-through