Container studio – innovative architecture

Designed by Maziar Behrooz

modern studio in the forest

That Container studio is an exciting architecture located in Amagansett, New York, USA. The project was designed by the architect office Maziar Behrooz. Conceived as an artist workshop and built with a simple but elegant structure, with a budget of only 60000USD, this studio fascinates with its innovative design. Shipping containers with dimensions 9‘-6 ‘‘ x 40’x8 ‘for the value of 2.500USD each were purchased for the realization of the project.

Container studio – exciting idea from the USA

modern studio with glass facade

The idea behind the Container -Studio is to provide the owner with a comfortable studio for painting. The main area is open – thanks to the clever design, you also feel free inside. There is plenty of light through the large glass facade at the front – the walls were painted white, which makes the area appear larger and brighter. A beautiful view is revealed, which can inspire the painter.

Innovative architecture – container studio

colored decoration in the studio

The interior is extremely functional, the focus was on practicality. A modern staircase with clear lines leads to the studio. The container studio from Maziar Behroz looks tidy and tidy and offers plenty of room for the creative nature of the owner. The unique location stimulates the imagination and promises many pleasant hours. It’s a creative solution for a creative person.

elegant design studio

white interior

Interior in the artist workshop

modern interior

white interior

A painter’s studio

modern studio stairs

modern studio in the forest

modern design studio in the forest

Atelier in the forest – blueprint

Artist workshop - building sketch