Container apartment – the residential containers become architect houses

Container apartment modern-minimalist-Sebastián-Irarrázaval

In the past, they were mainly seen as accommodation on large construction sites or temporary living options during renovation work or in emergencies, nowadays the residential containers can hardly be distinguished from an architect’s house. In the USA, the so-called container apartment gained popularity after the real estate crisis – it has established itself as a functional and inexpensive alternative to the wooden house. Still not convinced? As proof, we will show you some of the most beautiful container apartments.

Container apartment allows flexibility in room planning


A container apartment can be built from one or more residential containers. The residents of the house do not have to do without comfort. The edge containers are well sealed, the roofs can be greened without any problems, the rooms are spacious and functionally divided, each building is equipped with a kitchen, sanitary facility and bathroom. The costs for a container house are significantly less than for a wooden or concrete house. In any case, behind the ocean, these are mainly used as weekend houses – a place where the family can relax in the middle of nature.

Container apartment with modern furnishings


The project shown above / photos 2 and 3 / by the talented architects at Studio HT is a perfect example of a successful combination between functionality and style – the facade of this container apartment looks modern and it is difficult to see what the building is actually made of. Inside, too, the weekend house fascinates with a modern interior with an industrial touch.

Container apartment as a guest house – a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to a wooden house

Container-apartment-modern-garden shed-Jim Poteet

Container-Apartment-Guest House-Ideas-Jim Poteet

Project by Jim Poteet

The container apartment can consist of one or more residential containers

Container Apartment Ideas Project Ecotech Design


  Project by Ecotech design

Container apartment becomes a weekend house 

Container-apartment-holiday home-do-it-yourself-Garcia-Saxe


Project by Garcia Saxe

Modern single family house with roof terrace


Container-apartment-furnishings-white-living room-Andrew-Anderson

Project by Andrew Anderson

Detached house with a beautiful garden and sliding doors



Project by Adam Kalkin

Container apartment becomes a holiday villa with a large terrace

Container apartment modern-Ferienvilla-arte-architecture

Container apartment facility-modern-arte-architecture

Project by Studio Arte

Pure minimalism – large residential building made of two containers

Container-Apartment-Wohncontainer-Architekten-CG Architects


Project by CG Architects

Yet another minimalist housing project



Project by Kotnik architecture

Modern single-family house with a pitched roof – built entirely from living containers



Project by Patrick Partouche

Single family home with a desert garden



Project by James and Mau Arquitectura

The interior from the first photo at the beginning of the article

Container-Apartment-Architect House-Ideas-Sebastián-Irarrázaval

Project by Sebastián Irarrázaval