Concrete house with extensive green roof in Alicante, Spain

Country house modern concrete-green roof

That Concrete house with the green roof La Marseta impresses above all with its clear, puristic shapes. The concept, based on the minimalist style, gives the house a unique exterior look. The extensive green roof creates the connection between the house and the landscape and gives the building a rural flair and natural appearance. The exclusive country house was designed by Sonia Miralles Mud and built in 2009 in Mutxamel, Alicante, Spain. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness were the focus of the project planning.

Energy-saving concrete house offers comfortable living

Spain modern house La marseta architecture as camouflage

The modern residence La Marseta is located on a gentle, sunny slope and is surrounded by olive, orange and mulberry trees, cypresses, pines, poplars and elms. On the living area of ​​135 square meters there are bedrooms, bathrooms, living area with kitchen. The high ceiling creates a more airy feeling of space. That Concrete house was partially embedded in the ground like an earth house. Seen from a distance, the green roof looks like “camouflage”. On closer inspection, the green roof, on which lavender, rosemary and Pennisetum species thrive, is a wonderful eye-catcher.

Concrete house with passive cooling

Extensive green roof house-Spain Alicante

Inside, the furniture is restrained. Only individual living details give the interior design its characteristic appearance. All walls and ceilings are white-gray and plastered. The kitchen fronts are simple, white and handleless. Small window openings offer views of the hilly landscape. The fireplace creates comfort and security. That Concrete house from  Sonia Miralles Mud is equipped with underfloor heating and natural ventilation. Double walls and cross ventilation ensure a pleasant room climate – preheating the air in winter and passive cooling in summer.

Minimalist style country house

Cubic houses Spain concrete residential building

Traditional materials such as mortar, lime plaster, brick, galvanized steel are cleverly combined with modern architectural forms.

Photos by: David Frutos

Concrete house with green roof

Extensive green roof house modern exposed concrete

Environmental friendliness is the focus

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Modern concrete country house

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