Combining garden and living with one another – open floor plan planning

Garden and living combine-open-modern-house-architecture

Open architecture is modern and demanding in every sense. It conveys generosity and living comfort, the functional, clear, open floor plan underlines the modern lifestyle. This expands the living area, inside and out, Garden and living connected with each other. A house in Singapore – KAP House – serves as a prime example of this floor plan trend. It was launched in 2016 by the Ong&Ong Pte Ltd Architects.

Combining garden and living with one another – open architecture

Garden and living -connect-open-exterior-lighting-outdoor-infinity-pool

The house is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden. Green plants are one of the leitmotifs of the distinctive design of the house. Different types of plants can be seen in every room, but also from there. The areas flow into each other, then outwards. In between there are only design limits, the role of which is fulfilled by French doors and glass surfaces. There are only a few definable rooms, but the impression of spaciousness.

Combining garden and living – modern, chic, spacious

Garden and living -connect-open-window-doors-patio-doors-house

The arrangement of the French doors and glass surfaces ensure a lot of light, a lot of sun, a lot of freedom. The transitions between the design spaces are fluid. Living, dining and kitchen are linked to one another and form an open unit that is also open on both sides, but faces the garden. On one side is the infinity pool. A special system under the earth’s surface guarantees a direct view of the water.

Combining tropical gardens and living

Garden and living -connect-open-floor plan-inifinity-pool-kitchen

Open floor plan planning like this means not only a direct connection between the garden and living space, but also an unobstructed view and lots and lots of light. The furniture is kept simple and reduced and thus destroys the generous effect of the open architecture.

Infinity pool in the tropical garden

Garden and living -connect-open-floor-plan-infinity-pool

Garden and living seamlessly connected – from the living room straight into the garden

garden-living-connect-open-floor-plan-garden-panoramic windows-French doors

Modern, open floor plan planning – living, dining and cooking in one room

garden-living-connecting-open-living room-dining area-partition

Open rooms and simple, elegant furnishings


Modern kitchen aside infinity pool

garden-living-connect-open-floor plan-kitchen-white

Modern kitchen in white and wood


Open planning with stairs integrated in the interior


Modern interior staircase with wooden steps and glass railing

garden-living-connect-open-stairs-glass railing-natural stone

Garden and living – bedroom with direct access to the outdoor area


Shutters with a modern design ensure privacy and protection from the sun


Bedroom with a beautiful view to the outside


Bathroom is directly adjacent to the bedroom – bathroom en suite

garden-living-connect-open-bedroom-bathroom-green plants

Modern bathroom with wooden floor and double vanity 

garden-living-connect-open-plants-bathroom-double washbasin

Garden and living for wellness flair – bathroom with green plants


Rain shower with a feeling for the rainforest


Tropical plants in the garden along the hallway


Infinity pool and lawn in the garden 


Basement with window allows a direct view under the water surface of the infinity pool


Modern open architecture

garden-living-connect-open-outside-house-living room

Modern house with an open floor plan


contemporary architecture – open planning and natural materials


* a project by Ong&Ong Pte Ltd