Colorado vacation rental is modern mountain chic!

modern mountain cabin in Colorado - facade

There’s no doubt about it – it’s great to have a villa near a winter sports resort! You can always go skiing or spend some time in the beautiful snow-capped peaks. It is one of those things that give us special moments during the cold months of the year. Well here is an example of contemporary, modern Cottage in Colorado, in winter park mountains. The mountain area is rich in cross-country skiing opportunities, and is also known for mountain biking, concerts, hiking, and fishing.

Vacation home in Colorado – cozy and modern house design

stylish holiday home in the mountains - terrace

That Cottage in Colorado is a typical rural house with many modern elements that bring a warm feeling and atmosphere. The house is designed by Michael P. Johnson. The design studio is known for its work. What is characteristic of the architect is the physicality that his construction implies.

A modern wooden villa in the mountains of Colorado

contemporary interior design with color accents

That Cottage in Colorado has a minimalist interior that focuses on simplicity for a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are very attractive with their lovely red chairs, custom wooden benches, built-ins, and stairs. You can sit in the impressive contemporary fireplace room, surrounded by rustic wooden benches under the wall-to-wall window, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The designer raised the cool factor with an ultra-chic avant-garde collection of ceramic tiles from Refin Ceramiche. These tiles are the perfect finish to the cabin. This Cottage in Colorado is easy to maintain, great for relaxation and a great place to live. What more do you need?

modern interior in the holiday home

modern holiday home with elegant bathroom design