Color pigments for concrete give a minimalist villa an exotic look

color pigments for concrete modern architecture possibilities

The modern minimalist architecture has a great attraction – the simple and at the same time elegant look of the building, as well as the contrasting material combinations automatically attract attention. The focus is on exposed concrete – the material is versatile and is particularly popular for its rough look. But admittedly – its gray color is more suitable for a city villa or a holiday home between the rocks in Scandinavia. A concrete house in South America between green trees and blooming flowers looks less appealing. In this case, color pigments for concrete offer a solution – the material can be colored as desired and, together with wood, gives the facade an exotic touch. We present “Casa Terra” by the Bernardes Arquitetura architects’ office – an excellent example of the possible uses of colored concrete.

Color pigments for concrete completely transform the house facade of a minimalist villa in Brazil

color pigments for concrete buildings privacy protection sun protection

Concrete is a particularly popular material for minimalist house construction with good reason – it can easily be transported even to areas that are difficult to access, can carry the metal structures, and the desired amount is poured and processed on site. But the all-round talent also has a disadvantage – its color. The problem can be solved with a colorant, as the next project clearly shows.

color pigments for concrete wood covered terrace

The builders gave the architects from Bernardes Arquitetura the specification of a cozy holiday home that opens up to the beautiful landscape. The architects opted for a conventional combination of materials – generously glazed façades should seamlessly connect inside and outside, wooden roofing should provide cooling shade for the lounge area in the open air and the concrete walls shield the rooms from prying eyes. But since the villa is located in a picturesque area and is surrounded by tall trees, exotic plants and mountains, the architects decided to color the outer walls.

Color pigments for concrete roofing wood single storey house

Color pigments for concrete are made from mineral paints and supplied in powder form. This enables both small and large amounts of material to be colored. The additional costs are kept within limits – compared to expensive wooden cladding with complex transport, for example. In this case, the selected earth tone played a decisive role in the design of the facade. The attractive red-brown shade is similar to the native types of wood in Brazil and makes the facade appear natural and inviting. At the same time, the color creates a visual connection between the individual building volumes.

Functional room layout – six building volumes offer sufficient living space for a large family

Color pigments for concrete hallway holiday home living room

The single-family house scores not only with an attractive facade design, but also with a practical room distribution – 6 construction volumes ensure the comfort of family members and their guests. They house the living area with direct access to the terrace and the pool, the bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a guest house that is currently being used as a home office. A corridor connects the individual volumes with one another. They are located on the terrain in such a way that they cast shadows on each other and in this way keep the interior pleasantly cool even in the hot summer months.

Color pigments for concrete offer numerous design options in the living area as well

color pigments for concrete kitchen island wall shelves wood coffee table

In the living area, too, the wood-look concrete wall forms the perfect background for furnishings in a modern country house style. The wooden kitchen with an island offers sufficient storage space and is equipped with everything necessary. A small herb garden on the worktop diffuses a pleasant scent into the living area and keeps insects away. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors connect the kitchen with the adjoining outdoor dining area – there the residents can end the evening while eating. The living room is also on the ground floor, where two three-seater sofas with leather armchairs and modern metal stools form a cozy seating area. The spacious coffee table has a generous surface area for books, magazines and decorations. The furniture is spiced up with decorative pillows with charming patterns. The architects have made a specific decision to use natural materials only – these create a cozy ambience and have a pleasant feel.

color pigments concrete terrace lounge chair

Outside there is also nothing missing – from an outdoor dining area, a comfortable lounge area on the terrace, to extremely comfortable sun loungers right next to the pool – the garden furniture promises relaxation and casual days with family and friends. The wooden roof has become the trademark of the flat roof house. It fulfills two functions – on the one hand it protects against the strong rays of the sun, on the other hand it provides privacy.

color pigments concrete side view house facade building volume

A modern flat roof in the middle of nature – this is how the “Casa Terra” project can be described. But on closer inspection, the villa turns out to be a quiet beauty, where tradition meets modernity. Behind the minimalist look of the facade hides a rustic interior in the earth nuances that are traditional for Brazil. Rattan, wood, linen and leather are skillfully combined – the mix of materials is typical for South America. In the photo gallery below you can find more exciting pictures from the project. Let yourself be inspired by the minimalist architecture!

A home office with a view of the pool and the mountains

color pigments concrete guest room corner sofa desk

The bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are housed in one building volume

color pigments concrete building volume bedroom

The building volume, where the living area is located, offers privacy and sun protection for the bedrooms and the small guest house

color pigments concrete guest room home office

The spacious living area merges into the terrace laid with sandstone slabs

color pigments concrete glass sliding doors holiday home brazil

An infinity pool invites you to cool off in the hot summer days

color pigments concrete pool terrace sandstone

Top view – the six building volumes and the pool

color pigments concrete holiday home roof view above

Color pigments concrete house floor plan top view

color pigments concrete house floor plan blueprint

color pigments concrete six building volume floor plan

Project by: Bernandes Arquitetura