Cloud House Project – the new look of an old lady


Cloud House Project introduces the idea that any old fashioned house can be renovated and changed while maintaining its authentic retro feel. Take a good look at this building which could be a template for your own house plan and shows the beautiful collaboration between traditional and innovative architecture.

Cloud House Project – Basic Information

cloud house night lighting

The Cloud House project is the latest update from the Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. In fact, the Edwardian house has been changed and updated dozens of times with new additions, but we think the newest one would really grab the attention of any architecture lover. That’s why we feel obliged to show you. The retro atmosphere is enriched with a refined style and distinctive flexibility of all surrounding parts.

Cloud House Project – The old classics and high-tech trends


The cloud house can also be defined as an old lady’s new look. The innovative architecture and exterior design trends used for this transformation – the rejuvenation – are mixed in with some new decors to complement the interior. People doing this cosmetic surgery in the building are the architects and designers at McBride Charles Ryan Studio. With their professional ability, passion, struggle for beauty and the latest approaches in the field, they have done a really great job in the Australian home.

Preserved retro atmosphere


We can divide the new additions for the Cloud House project in the Edwardian house into three groups. This type of strategy is a continuation of the building’s episodic transformation in recent years. The first renovation in the house is the facade, which has been left untreated to show the customers respect for the development of the area. The rooms within the building have been enriched with new shimmering colors. These, in any case, have contributed to the new, modern and warm atmosphere.


Cloud House is actually created in the shape of a maze that takes you from one room to another by being part of a beautiful colorful journey. The main zone that shows the different paths and routes is a brilliant red room. Next to this red box you will find the new kitchen which is being changed with completely new, innovative kitchen appliances and furnishing styles. The old classics have been replaced with the high-tech trends.

Geometry and symmetry in the cloud house

red design house renovation

McBride architects and designers Charles Ryan Studio add a new image of the past to the Cloud House facade by following the rules of geometry and symmetry. The rounded shapes of the rooms are coordinated with the angular shapes of the furniture and the enormous rectangular pool, which makes the exterior design even more luxurious and lush.


The symmetry can be viewed in a way in the fact that the new Cloud House is reminiscent of the old Edwardian house. The new decors emphasize the old-fashioned idea of ​​space and cosiness in the retro dining room, which is organized in an old country house style. The presence of lacquer and small ebony boards arranged in a strict order brings some romance and authenticity to this warm and original setting.



Edwardian house renovation – flower carpet

Edwardian house renovation floral carpet

Edwardia house facade

Edwardia house facade

Cross-section plan

Cloud house cross-section plan