Classic architecture meets modernity – a villa near Paris

Classic architecture -modern-villa-paris-weiss-19jhd-old building

A house typical of the 19th century architectural style was modernized by 05AM Arquitectura and adapted for a young family with children. The partition walls were partially abolished so that generous, open spaces are created and do not prevent the incidence of light. the classic architecture and their typical features can also be seen in the interior. But they are interpreted in a modern, unmistakable way and this is used as an accent.

Classic architecture meets modernity – modernization of a villa from the 19th century

Classic architecture -modern-chimney-walt-niche-window-stucco

The interior is completely minimalist. This is softened by classic elements of the original interior design, such as stucco elements, the lattice windows that are true to the original, white-painted wooden ceilings and old wooden furniture, and looks more homely. Inside and out, the color palette is limited to monochrome, neutral colors – white, gray and black. A light wooden floor is laid in the living room and pendant lights are hung in the dining area to create a cozy atmosphere.

Classic architecture meets modernity – traditional 19th century house accommodates modern living

Classic architecture -modern-living room-minimalist-white-black

The original room layout has essentially been retained, although it is very functional and practical that the children’s and parents’ bedrooms are opposite one another.

Classic architecture outside, puristic furnishings inside 

Classic architecture -modern-villa-living-minimalist-gray-white

Classic construction and minimalist style elements

Classic architecture -modern-black-white-marble-fireplace

Classic interior design reinterpreted – open kitchen and wood accents

Classic architecture -modern-open-kitchen-white-stucl

Traditional architecture and cozy furnishings – wood and white paint

classic-architecture-modern - dining room-large-white-wood

Traditional interior design with a minimalist flair


Classic meets modern: marble, straight proportions, white-painted wooden ceiling


Classic architecture meets modern: all white, vintage wooden furniture and stucco elements


Light-flooded rooms and furnishings in white 


Open kitchen in a minimalist style 


Matt white handleless kitchen cabinets and worktop in black


Modernize old wooden stairs

classic-architecture-modern-staircase-ornaments-wooden stairs-minimalist-yourself

Typically for the 19th century style elements reinterpreted


White wall painting and mirrors visually enlarge rooms


Children’s room with bed placed in the middle of the room


Classic architecture and modern living in one


Spacious bathroom in gray with windows


Noble marble and gray wall plaster in the bathroom


Noble materials and angular proportions


Classical architecture – plan to modernize a villa near Paris 

classic-architecture-modern-villa-paris-floor plan-plan-room layout

Plan to modernize a villa near Paris – first floor


* a project by 05AM Arquitectutra