Casa Zafra – a house of geometric chaos

Casa Zafra wire mesh facade

Casa Zafra symbolizes the controversial side of the latest architecture, where flexibility, restriction, and seclusion are on the pedestal for future residents who share these ideas with their creators. The building represents a house of geometric chaos that is both – attractive and comfortable. We should go on a tour?

Casa Zafra – the masterpiece with abandoned architecture


Casa Zafra is designed and built by the Spanish designer Eduardo Arroyo from No.mad Arquitectors. The photos, however, are taken by a photographer who was amazed with this point of view in mind. What really attracted Roland Halbe was the refined beauty of this rustic and irregular architecture. It is described as a masterpiece, but is deserted in a desert area. Casa Zafra is on a golf course in Aranjuez, Spain and we should mention that this environment is definitely of dubious quality. However, the emptiness of the surrounding area makes this magnificent building look so amazing that it can react widely in a mysterious way.

Casa Zafra – short description


Casa Zafra is a two story house, designed and built in a raw but original architectural plan. The crooked geometry and its façade with wire mesh is the most important element of its extraordinary conception. This wire mesh was built in as an obstacle for the flying golf balls. On the other hand, the occupants have the ability to change their view of the surrounding environment. This is possible thanks to the mobile screens.

The exterior design of Casa Zafra is eye-catching and practical. If you take a closer look at the pictures, you will see the numerous holes in the outside terrace. These are not errors or misunderstandings. On the contrary, their idea is to catch the sunlight, reflect it and bring it back to the building of the house. After the chaos from trapped sunlight in a particular route, we understand the beauty of the chaos that could be perfectly organized at times.


You will find that the most important elements – such as steel and wood – are built in shapes of spades. They are collected and strangely rebuilt, but in the end the result that we see is more than impressive. The reflected sunlight, the artificial lighting and the rustic surroundings enrich the charm behind the facade of Casa Zafra.

Casa Zafra – take a look inside


There are two peculiarities that you will notice in the Casa Zafra building. First, of course, the original choice of indoor furniture. Although separated from the interior of the house and from the deserted surrounding landscape with the wire mesh walls, the furniture creates the illusion that it is part of the rustic courtyard. Simple but elegant, they also fit in with the geometric chaos as the main concept behind the architectural plan.

 Glass bathroom and cacti


The most important facility in the Casa Zafra interior design idea is the amount of exotic cacti. They are placed as part of the inner botanical garden and give the impression that they are just the only living creature in the area.