California passive house with garden and loft-style furnishings

Building house ground floor roofing-wood pond

The modern one Passive house is a project by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, which was realized in 2008 in Atherton, California. Atherton Residence is located on the peninsula in the south of San Francisco, consists of 4 small buildings – main house, garage, study and pool house – and offers sustainable and comfortable living.

Passive house conveys an open attitude towards life

Designer House California glass walls

The one surrounded by water Passive house has modern loft-style living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glazing strengthens the connection to nature and increases the feel-good factor. Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials were used for the construction, in combination with fly ash concrete and formaldehyde-free materials.

Modern passive house in a great location

Artificially landscaped pond-in the garden design

That Passive house is equipped with a photovoltaic system and solar and hot water systems in the roof and is passively cooled by awnings, parasols, canopies, windows and sliding doors. The stone floors are equipped with radiant heating – this means that the living space is heated by the increased surface temperature while the air temperature is low at the same time.

Innovative architecture and design solutions

Open living style house with garden pond

That Passive house from Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects offers its owners plenty of space for relaxation and creative work. The open window fronts flood the living rooms with warm light. Modern cuisine invites you to indulge in culinary delights! A pond is also embedded in the garden, which ensures a balanced climate at high temperatures.

Simple facade 

House with garden ideas design exterior

Large sliding glass doors lead directly to the pool terrace

Flat roof house swimming pond sun lounger umbrella sun

Artificially created pond

Atherton Residence Glass Fronted Pond Plant

Large glass walls underline the natural character

Pool house design flat roof California architecture

Outdoor shower and lounge furniture in the outdoor area

Outdoor patio relaxation furniture leather coffee table

Photovoltaic modules catch the sun during the day

Open living space design house design trends

Innovative solution- integration of photovoltaic systems

Atherton House pool house glass wall daybed

The house is with Equipped with hot water solar cells

House wood facade garden pond create

The open living area is bright and spacious

Exclusive furniture living area-open design

In the living area you can enjoy the view of the garden and the terrace

innovative design solutions living room furniture bookcases-glass wall

Modern open kitchen in white

Open kitchen dining room-white modern-equipped

Glass fronts offer an open view of the garden and pond

Loft style home-California interior design facility

Dining area with a great view

Open living Generous interior design

The cabinet opens onto the garden

Office space design-open style loft

Bedroom in pastel colors

Bedroom furniture design ideas house in a great location

Atherton California Residence – Prospects

Atherton House California Floor Plans

Atherton residence view from above

Atherton Residentz profile picture