Bungalow house in Seoul for modern, comfortable living

Bungalow house-natural stone-modern-living-garden-boulders-conifers

Natural stone is a building material that people have always used to build their homes. Today it is often preferred and used both outdoors and indoors. OBBA Architects and their customers have also chosen a sustainable natural stone exterior cladding for their bungalow house. The modern single-family house near Seoul enchants with clear shapes, powerful gestures and the refined interplay of the materials used, such as stone, glass and wood in the interior.

Bungalow house in Seoul

Bungalow house-natural stone-modern-living-nature-seoul

The extraordinary holiday home is embedded in a picturesque landscape on the hillside in a rural area not far from the city of Seoul. The building skilfully combines the solidity and security of a natural stone house with the lightness and elegance of a modern bungalow. The building volume develops on only one level and consists of a block-like structure. Due to the sloping roof, the house looks like it has been pushed into the slope. The ridge, which is not strictly and straightforwardly designed, forms a filigree contrast to the heaviness of the massive structure.

Bungalow house -natural stone-modern-living-garden-japanese-minimalistic

The garden is designed entirely in the Japanese style with several boulders and evergreen plants. The use of stone and concrete in different shapes creates a seamless connection between living and outdoor areas.

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-terrace-terrace-doors

The outside of the building is completely clad with regional natural stone. The partially covered terrace with wooden floorboards is an exception. The use of rough natural materials such as stone and wood gives the architecture a striking, rustic appearance and lets the house rest evenly on the slope. The relatively flat landscape of the surrounding area forms a natural contrast to the sharp-edged building architecture. The freely scattered shrubs and conifers have a playful effect, while the concrete slabs and gravel in the immediate vicinity of the house form a design unit with the severity and straight lines of the building.

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-dining-room-wood-dark-fireplace

These design features are traceable in the interior. The interior of the house is characterized by a simple design, strict lines and a lack of playful details. In the furnishing, the reduction to a few formative materials continues. Natural stone walls meet natural parquet floors. In the transition areas, the walls are partially clad with dark wood and made of the same material.

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-interior-concrete-wood

When choosing the furniture, it is consciously set on simple purism, because the main role is clearly played by the beautiful panorama in front of the window. Thanks to the large format, a lot of daylight enters the rooms and the homeowners can quietly enjoy the beautiful view and picturesque landscape from inside.

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-interior-Schlciht-parquet-floor

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-wooden floor-wall cladding

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-kitchen-white-minimalistic

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-hall-indirect-lighting

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-roof-flat-panels

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-flat-roof-slope-fence

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-outside-window-small

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-exterior-cladding-rough

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-plan-side-view

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-plan-floor plan-rooms

bungalow-house-natural stone-modern-living-plan-hrundriss-land

* a project by Studio OBBA