Building with Wooden Pallets – Agricultural Constructions in Denver

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Nowadays, upcycling tendencies can be observed not only in interiors and furnishings, but also in architecture. That Build with wooden pallets is seen more and more often and reflects a certain pursuit of an environmentally friendly way of life. An example of this are the agricultural constructions made from Euro pallets in Denver, Colorado.

Building with wooden pallets – a student project for upcycled architecture

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This Ucycling project is an idea from the students from the University of Colorado. That Build with wooden pallets In this case, it cannot be environmentally friendly, but also particularly simple and functional. The constructions were conceived as an elegant and effective addition to the farm. As part of the Designer Education Program and under the direction of Studio H: T, the students designed two constructions, namely the learning cube and the diary house.

Building with wooden pallets – agricultural facility based on sustainability principles

build rectangular constructions with wooden pallets

Build with wooden pallets can be particularly creative and inspiring. The learning cube is a frame structure that can be used as accommodation with a collection function and was built out of Euro pallets. The Diary House on the other side contains wooden pallets as well as elements made of wood and iron and was intended as a milking parlor. The two constructions speak strongly in favor of accepting sustainability as a fundamental principle and embracing the environmentally friendly way of thinking.

Milking parlor made of euro pallets, wood and iron

build nature-friendly constructions with wooden pallets

Sustainability as a trend in architecture

build wooden pallet constructions denver colorado

Use wooden pallets for upcycled construction

building constructions with wooden pallets

Stones in the net as building material

building constructions made of stone with wooden pallets

The learning cube made from Euro pallets

build square constructions with wooden pallets

The milking parlor at night

build wooden pallet constructions milking hall

Think and build in an environmentally friendly way

build wooden pallets structures learning cube

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