Building modern concrete stairs – 27 ideas for indoor and outdoor stairs


Whether at the entrance or as an architectural element in the house – the modern concrete staircase is suitable for numerous areas of application. The fairly uncomplicated construction and the low construction costs are some of the reasons why more and more builders have one Build concrete stairs permit.

Building concrete stairs – ideas for the garden and the house entrance


A modern concrete staircase enhances the design of the house. In particular, properties that are on a hill will benefit from a concrete staircase. In any case, careful planning is required here. Important prerequisites for the resilience and stability of the external staircase are the right subsurface and the perfectly executed substructure. A well-compacted foundation and drainage prevent the concrete stairs from being washed away by rainwater and snow. Beginners should ideally seek thorough advice in advance. Who one Build concrete stairs can either pour them yourself or buy prefabricated concrete slabs. The second variant saves time and effort.

Build concrete stairs – plan an internal staircase made of exposed concrete


 The interior staircase made from exposed concrete is very much in vogue. In any case, this must be planned for the interior at the beginning of the construction work. A Build concrete stairs – but here you should prefer to hire interior designers / experienced craftsmen to do the job. The rough beauty of the concrete slabs is often loosened up by glass or stainless steel railings. The old concrete staircase can be spiced up with a few simple tricks – for example, it can be painted in fun colors. Recessed lights will bring out the stairs even more.

Have a modern concrete staircase built on the front of the house


Build extravagant concrete stairs for the outside area 


Concrete stairs with wooden steps

Inside build concrete solid glass two-story building

Staircase made of concrete slabs with a slightly sinuous shape

Interior concrete steel railing house minimalist

Floating stairs with glass railings

plan in concrete glass small house space saving ideas

Practical and stylish – hanging staircase with built-in LED lights in the steps

modern interior staircase glass stainless steel railing

Glass and concrete are an excellent combination with great appeal

modern architecture spiral staircase design glass railing

Wooden wall cladding and concrete stairs are in contrast

Staircase concrete wood wall panels pebbles floor covering

Spiral staircase with prefabricated concrete slabs painted in white

stylish modern wood sheet metal railing stone wall house

Garden path and stairs with an original design

Lawn terraces of different levels sheet metal retaining wall

Design the house entrance – concrete stairs lead to the front door

House entrance concrete slabs original concept

Staircase and bench in one design

Garden design flower pots to create house patio

Plant the stairs

Garden design pictures ideas fresh flowers

… or decorate with river stones

Build outside stairs, plants, design, entrance, tips, ideas

Stone and concrete stairs

outdoors framing ideas designs house forest

Floating stairs lead to the pool in the garden

Garden design ideas terraces stone flooring

Staircase glass stone concrete original design ideas indoors outdoors

Steps exposed concrete original details stone wall house furnishings modern

Garden House Entrance Lighting Stairs Led Fairy Lights

Garden privacy screen high wall backyard design ideas

nfinity pool concrete stairs outside exotic holiday home

shape concrete stairs line facade design metal railing

Shine different materials concrete stone house entrance