Bright colors for a bank branch in Japan

Colorful bank branch in Japan facade

The banks are usually not associated with artistic design and bright colors, but here is an example of future-oriented design from an architectural firm Emmanuelle Moureaux in Tokyo, Japan. You did the architecture and interior design for the new branch of the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokiwadai developed. It’s a creative and playful design with large and small windows in it beautiful, fresh shades, which are cut in the facade.

Nice fresh bank branch

Colorful bank branch in Japan - wooden floor

The building stands out for its bright hues that identifies a rhythmic assortment of windows. No, it’s not your typical bank, but it is definitely worth looking into. A constellation of leaves in 24 different shades on the white walls and windows overlaps with the natural foliage of the real trees in the courtyards. Natural, knotty wooden floors invite nature.

The bank branch looks bright and fresh

Yard in the bank branch in Japan

On the second floor of this ultra modern workspace are  Reception rooms, offices and 4 courtyards, while the third floor is reserved for staff. There are 7 light-flooded courtyards with Trees and flowering plants, since every room is connected to all the others. The architect Emmanuelle Moureaux claims she hated the tension and nervousness in the banks, so she wanted to create a space where people can experience nature and work in a relaxed manner. We think she succeeded !

Colored bank branch in Japan

Colored interior design in the bank branch in Japan

a colorful bank branch in Japan

the bank branch in Japan at night