Brick wall inside and outside as the basis for a sustainable house in India

The architects from the office called “Wallmakers” used a wavy brick wall inside and as an air-permeable outside wall for their building project in India. Described by the team as the Pirouette House, the home is a tribute to the revered architect Lawrence Wilfred Baker. It shows a contemporary rendering of his signature Rat Trap Bond technique known as masonry bond. A brick wall inside and outside was built vertically rather than horizontally in order to improve the heat and material efficiency of the sustainable house.

Construction concept defined by a wavy brick wall inside

The inside of a brick wall defines the construction concept for a house in India

The beauty of the residence is based primarily on purely geometric shapes, a shell roof and carefully designed, angled walls. In a typical way, the architects have raised the scaffolding to construct the stairs and metal grids, while leftover wooden planks are part of the floor. A unique composition of sugar cane wrapped around it creates a subtle privacy screen and remarkable furniture. Scroll down to find out more.

the construction of a house with a brick wall inside and outside and undulating masonry in the evening

The sculptural Pirouette House is located in the center of India’s urban and crowded city of Trivandrum. The house, built of wavy masonry, is located on a small plot of land that was surrounded on all four sides by other residential projects. With the construction project, the design team was looking for an inward-facing apartment with equally inward-facing interiors that overlook a central courtyard. The house is oriented along an east-west axis with through openings at each end to allow maximum cross ventilation.

construction technology council trap bond masonry or masonry bond with air in the middle

20th century British designer and architect Laurie Baker is known to use similar passive cooling strategies and a palette of perforated brick materials. The new building is conceived as a modification of his idea, which is an icon in this area. The team also used a masonry strategy introduced by the late architect. A brick wall is laid inside with a rotated vertical orientation. This creates a cavity within the wall that increases thermal efficiency and uses the total volume of reduced bricks.

Unusually sustainable and practical construction

Perspective from below showing the load-bearing structure with brick masonry and roof with windows

The dynamic elements cross the room from left to right and meet to support the ferro-cement roof. In addition, each offset brick wall was individually designed on the inside so that it can subdivide the interior of the house as efficiently as possible. This leads to larger volumes and an element of privacy. Pipes left over from the construction phase were repurposed for the central staircase and latticework.

The wooden boards were also put together to form part of the floor in the living areas. So it could Team of architects create a sustainable construction method with practical outdoor and indoor spaces, which at the same time enable a functional and cozy home.

unfinished house built with brick and concrete in india

Indian family between the brick walls of the newly built house made of sustainable materials

Toddler sleeps on a bed in an unusual child's room made of brick and cement

cozy bedroom with brick wall inside and ferro cement floor

housewife uses the wooden cabinets in a kitchen with a brick wall inside and concrete wall cladding

contemporary kitchen in rustic style with brick wall inside and kitchen island with concrete slab

Woman sitting on recycled furniture in living room with decorated brick wall inside

unusual staircase made of reused materials such as bamboo and metal grilles in a modern house

Indian woman climbs a spiral staircase that appears to be floating in the air in a sustainably built house

two women are talking on a balcony surrounded by brick walls

two architects from the wallmakers architecture office are sitting on a swing in the recently built house with a brick wall inside

calming ambience in a study with a brick wall inside and natural materials for the railing

little dog lies on stairs made of ferro cement in front of a house with woven bamboo as a privacy screen

floor plan of pirouette house by architects wallmakers in india

two story house floor plan with undulating walls

plan and positioning of interiors in an indian house

first floor of a house contains bedroom and toilet as well as living room and inner courtyard with swing