Beach house with a curved roof

Beach house with a curved roof - facade

Architect Joaquin Torres from Spanish architecture firm A-Cero Studio is responsible for this beautiful Beach house in the Caribbean island of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. This Pearl-of-the-Caribbean House Design is a 7,000-square-foot, single-story beachfront bungalow with outdoor living areas with sweeping views of the beach. The sleeping and living areas are visually separated and organized in two parts, with a connection to a covered veranda hidden behind their curved volumes. A pair of sand-colored structures fold up into the vertical position.

Unique architecture – a modern beach house

Beach house with a curved roof -front

The housing project for this Beach house is designed according to the needs of the customer. The exterior design with elements made of local stone Coralline in pure tones (white – beige) offers visual continuity inside. It is material well adapted to the warm climate throughout the year, so that the house gets ample sunlight and a marine reference is created. The whole enclosure is very well ventilated so that all the benefits of the Caribbean climate can be taken advantage of and gentle breezes throughout Beach house can be felt. The building is actually open to the outside in virtually all of its fronts, with large floor-to-ceiling windows. There is a large wooden door in the middle of the front facade.

Innovative house design offers comfort

modern beach house with curved roof - side

Beach house with a curved roof - garden

The walls look architecturally interesting – for example, the front entrance is hidden behind a series of plastic walls that provide more privacy in the peaceful holiday home. To the Beach house includes a private beach and pier, but its main feature is a pool that appears like a small beach with its tiered entrance. In local horticulture, areas of grass, gravel and rocks are mixed together.

stylish beach house with curved roof - living room

innovavites beach house with curved roof - door