Beach bungalow for rent in Baja, Mexico

Beach bungalow in Mexico - Gregori residence

Have you thought about renting one Beach bungalows in Mexico made for summer? If so, then you are in luck because this bungalow is also available for rent. See for yourself, it will definitely change your idea of ​​a bungalow completely. After reading this article, this bungalow will become the beach lover’s dream home.

Great view from the terrace

Beach bungalow in Mexico - table

Gregori Residence and Beach House, which are located in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico are truly dream homes for those who enjoy the beach and want to experience a summer in peace and harmony. Of the Beach bungalow is from Gracia Studio designed.

The bungalow composition is very nice and modern. However, the simplicity of construction and the choice of materials allow you to focus more on the sight, rather than the architecture, of the home. The view is amazing – you can see the mountains and the horizon on one side and the waves on the other. The beach bungalow is on the sand, you feel like one with nature. The surroundings look really heavenly.

large terrace with pool

Beach bungalow in Mexico - front

The large folding and glass doors open to a large terrace with a pool. This is the place where you can refresh yourself after a long day under the hot sun. The color tones are defined by sun roofs and wall screens made of grass fabric, which perfectly match the facade and the interior. The decor is very modern and minimalist, it makes the atmosphere very welcoming and allows you to fully relax in this large interior space. The beach bungalow is offered as a rental property, but as soon as you get the feeling that this place is the right place, it is worthwhile to stay here for a lifetime. Not many people are lucky enough to live in a place like this.

the beach bungalow by Gracia Studio

Beach bungalow in Mexico - far

Beach bungalow in Mexico recreation

Beach bungalow in Mexico - pool

Beach bungalow in Mexico - outdoor pool

Beach bungalow in Mexico - screens

Beach bungalow in Mexico -sofa

Beach bungalow in Mexico bed

Beach bungalow in Mexico evening

Beach bungalow in Mexico - in the evening