Banyan tree house on stilts by Rockefeller Partner Architects

Banyan Tree House Los Angeles California Rockefeller Partner Architects

The extraordinary banyan Tree house on stilts is located on a high mountain range near Los Angeles and has a wonderful view of the city center. The tree house, designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects, is one of several artistic objects scattered across the vast Mandeville Canyon property. The owner of the house, who is an artist and nature lover, originally hired Rockefeller Partners to build an absolutely novel house that no one has designed before. The project was successfully completed in 2009.

Mini tree house on stilts – contemporary architecture and design

Rockfeller Contemporary Architecture Treehouse Wood Paneling

Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

The mini house has an upscale construction and the distance between the house and the ground is 12 meters! The unusual building has a total area of ​​172 square meters and rests on steel masts that are supposed to represent abstract tree trunks or branches. Initially a studio or guest house was planned, for this purpose the house was equipped with a television, reclining chair, toilet, fireplace and refrigerator. The unusual private Tree house on stilts is not the traditional tree house, but a modern interpretation, but unfortunately not open to the public.

Banyan tree house on stilts near Los Angeles – mini residence

Banyan tree house with a proud futuristic design Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

The banyan Treehouse on stilts by Rockefeller Partner Architects is the ideal retreat for a creative break from the demands of domestic duties and hectic city life. In the interior design, glass, wood and steel are combined – mahogany windows and Rheinzink roof form a harmonious unit and create a warm ambience. The compact office is in the corner. An outdoor shower can be reached via the exposed concrete staircase. The exterior is also clad in high quality cedar wood. The housing, which is balanced on two large stilts, merges with the dark forest at night, but the borders of the windows remain visible.

Luxury atelier by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Treehouse stilts design at night Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Mini residence – beautiful modern architecture

Futuristic tree house on stilted concrete garden stairs Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Modern garden landscape

Garden Modern Treehouse Los Angeles Concrete Stairs Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

minimalist concrete stairs lead to the outside shower in the garden

Outside shower minimalist white concrete garden stairs Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Exclusive banyan tree house on stilts – interior design

Sofa bed shelves interior design banyan tree house Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Designer interior design in wood

Living room shelves fireplace wood paneling stilts Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Ideas for office furniture in limited space

Banyan tree house design home office studio Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Bathroom furnishings – wooden wall cladding

Toilet wooden wall design tree house Banyan Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Small window offers a beautiful view of the forest

Mahogany window wood wall ideas Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

The tree house in an unconventional form

Banyan tree house studio guest house plan

Floor plan of the house

Floor plan treehouse-Rockefeller Partner