“Audile House” – Stylish minimalist house architecture

minimalist architectureBy Ruiz Require Burros in Matosinhos, Portugal

Audile House presents the minimalist house architecture as vigorous and fascinating. The imposing property is constructed with a black facade. The architect, Rui Cerqueira Barros, says it is a “sober and rational construction” that responds to customers’ desire to have a house with great character. These minimalist house architecture is certainly atypical for a coastal home that enjoys hours of uninterrupted sunshine. The typical choice for such an environment is of course white or pastel color.

 stylish minimalist architecture from behind

stylish minimalist architecture - garrage

The exciting elegant black silhouette of the minimalist House architecture, which is located in a desirable residential area makes a bold statement. Gaps cut the house construction so that the light flows into the interior. Open spaces have been created for the inner courtyard and sun terraces so that the occupants can enjoy maximum opportunities for relaxation and entertainment in the open air. The entire south side is a space for leisure activities. Here and there there is a luxurious pool, a lovely garden and a spacious veranda.

stylish minimalist architecture – in the courtyard

stylish minimalist architecture - courtyard

Built on three floors, the minimalist House architecture spacious with simply designed rooms. These are based on volumetric unadorned geometry. Windows extending from the floor to the ceiling allow a direct connection with the outside space, so that the unity between inside and outside areas is created. the minimalist house architecture is white throughout the interior. The plain white walls and surfaces are evenly complemented by warm wooden floors, with the exception of the kitchen. Here a glossy black floor uses the stylish theme of black and white contrasts. The cabinet doors are also completely smooth, with no protruding handles to break up the simple design scheme. These minimalist House architecture shows more than a passing reference to the harmonious charm of Japanese house architecture. The system of interconnected rectangular shapes and forms is a perfectly balanced correlation of black and white contrasts.

Rui Cerqueira Barros has the owner of this magnificent minimalist House architecture A painter’s canvas is given that is just waiting to be furnished individually.

by Jaz

White minimalist kitchen design

  minimalist bathroom design in the house

minimalist interior design