Attractive example of facade design with wood and stone

Shape panels ventilation stone garden lawn

We present you an attractive example of Facade design with wood and stone from Poland. This modern one-story building was completed by the architects’ office 81 WAW.PL. The project is simple but very effective – thanks to the use of natural materials, the house fits perfectly into the landscape. The minimalist building concept with clear lines would look just as good in a densely populated city district.

Façade design with wood and stone – opposites attract

Gravel wood natural stone Douglas fir panels facade cladding

Wood and stone are actually two very different materials – but somehow the combination between the two works perfectly. The natural stone in which the facade is clad creates a visual connection to the surrounding rock garden. The generous use of wood loosens up the stone elements and shields the homeowner’s private area from prying eyes. Closed by wooden blinds towards the path, the house opens onto the beautiful wooded landscape through ample glazed fronts. Sliding glass doors allow the boundaries between inside and outside to merge. The modern architecture of 81 WAW.PL is a perfect example of Facade design with wood.

 Façade design with wood and stone – some tips

Facade sliding door flat roof design single-storey terraces

 If you too from this excellent Facade design with wood and stone are fascinated and would like to spice up your own facade – here are some useful tips:

– Douglas fir and larch are perfect for modern facade design – they are weather-resistant and have a fairly long shelf life / approx. 10-15 years /.

– Basically you can choose between horizontal, vertical formwork and wooden panels. The two look good from a purely visual point of view, in any case, good ventilation should be taken into account during installation.

Modern architecture – one-story building – the southern outer wall is clad in wood

Perennials perennial plants flat roof exterior walls

The solid house is actually made of concrete, but the facade with wood and stone looks more natural

Stone facade recessed house entrance flat roof

Dark wood and gray stone are in contrast

Flooring moss beautiful modern architecture wooden wall panels

Louvre elements provide privacy, large sliding glass doors connect inside and outside

Chairs Flat Roof Lawn Wood Panels Glass Fronts Backyard

Closed to the street, the building opens up to the garden and the beautiful landscape

Wooden wall glass insert sliding doors single storey building