Another example of minimalist modern architecture in China

Riverside Clubhouse – the fun with music and sports starts here


If you’re wondering where the fun begins with music and sports, then we have the absolutely right answer for you. Welcome to Riverside Clubhouse – the perfect place for you and your friends when you need time to relax. The project represents a minimalist modern architecture before, with a mesmerizing view and great design that will take your breath away.

Riverside Clubhouse – minimalist modern architecture in China


When we get over minimalist Speaking of modern architecture, we have to say that all people or critics around the world disagree on exactly how minimalist  modern architecture nowadays. In any case, Riverside Clubhouse is exactly that, surrounded by extremely fine and enchanting nature. This example for minimalist modern architecture is interesting, with its elegant and simple facade and with its arrangements of all zones.

minimalist modern architecture with glass elements


Besides beautiful and extraordinary architecture, Riverside Clubhouse draws attention with its amazing and absolutely gorgeous exterior design. The surroundings are beautiful – the minimalist modern architecture is on the Yancheng River, so the view is more than impressive – the presence of the water nearby always gives an incredible effect.

Landscape design – white stone stairs


the minimalist modern architecture – Riverside Clubhouse – is designed by Trace Architects and is located in Jiangsu, China. The reflection of the river water is perfectly combined with the internal structures and elements made of glass. The white and silver color scheme beautifies the building and evokes associations with a snow or winter fairy tale of love, music and joy.


Roof terrace of the Riverside Clubhouse

rooftop riverside clubhouse

modern white architecture on the riverside


magical water reflection – modern architecture on the river


Riverside Clubhouse – white minimalist architecture in China


white minimalist interior design



minimalist white interior design in China


the idea behind Riverside Clubhouse by Trace Architects

idee-riverside-clubhaus-Trace-architectural office

Riverside Clubhouse by Trace Architectural Office Aufbauplan


riverside-clubhaus-Trace-architectural-office-construction plan riverside-clubhouse-modern-minimalist-architecture-plan

The modern architecture and the relationship between inside and outside