An Art Deco style house in New York

modern house in art deco style - facade

“Atlantic Beach” is a beach on the south coast of Long Islan, outside of New York City. It consists mostly of humble houses from the 1920s and 30s in Tudor, Spanish and Art Deco styles, but over the past decade many of these old houses have been demolished and replaced with larger modern houses. Here is an example of a new, modern one  Art Deco style house near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

A modern one Art Deco style house

stylish house design - facade in front

That 3,600-square-foot Art Deco style house called Kowalewski Residenz is an attempt to fit a clearly modern house made of stone, stucco, steel and glass into the village context. It is a luxury home that has a relatively closed “narrow-faced” facade and was built a little wider than the former house on the property. The facade facing the street has a collection of frosted and transparent windows that are reminiscent of the minimalist exterior of the village.

Exciting modern architecture in Art Deco style

modern roof terrace - luxury

Designed as a home for a family with two young children, this one Art Deco style house is a modern facility and is illuminated by many windows. The open concept on the ground floor is well suited for casual living and offers a maximum of connection to the outside, while privacy is offered on the second floor with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The stairs lead up and out to a roof terrace with great views of the island and the sea. It is a sunny guest room on the third floor that opens onto the large roof terrace on the right.

modern staircase in the living area

modern interior - colored living room

interesting house design facade

Art house in New York - blueprint