A wooden summer house with an innovative “butterfly roof”

Designed by iStudio Architects from Washington DC, USA

innovative roofing of the summer house

Designed with the intent of providing summer retreat for a Maryland family, this delightful wooden home is humble but innovative. the “Butterfly Canopy” is an unusual modern design for a small wooden summer house. The secret aspect of this building is that the canopy is completely movable. How clever is this idea? When the sun protection is not required, the lower covered area can be opened wide for full enjoyment of the bright sunshine or the spectacular night sky.

Sideways glance from the innovative butterfly roof

innovative butterfly roof for the summer house

The roofing of the small wooden summer houses as delicate as a butterfly’s wing. It consists of two raised wooden panels that float above the main entrance. IStudio Architects, who designed the butterfly enclosure, believe that,

“Good design plays a critical role in improving the quality of life by improving the places we live. We focus on creative, well-founded and unique solutions with each client, regardless of the type of project. “

This shows the designers’ personal dedication to improving lives through the application of creativity and technology. This little wooden summer house is no exception. The rainwater draining from the roof is recycled through a system of pipes that irrigate the garden below, demonstrating the designer’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Wooden veranda by the summer house

Summer house with a wooden veranda

That  small wooden summer house is thoughtfully positioned so that the integral slats and wooden frames allow attractive views of the landscape beyond the garden. The cedar framework also has the advantage that substantial privacy is preserved from adjacent properties.

This is a relatively humble one small wooden summer house, but its inventive construction ensures endless fun for the family who hired IStudio. There are endless opportunities to fully enjoy relaxation and entertainment outdoors during the summer. Due to the remarkably flexible construction of the butterfly enclosure, you can extend these activities during the seasons when the weather can be less mild and more unpredictable. It’s easy to see why iStudio Architects have received numerous awards for their innovative ideas, social commitment and environmental sensitivity.

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Modern wooden architecture from the small summer house

wooden summer house

Cedar wood summer house

Summer house with wooden architecture

Wooden house from iStudio

Side view from the summer house with innovative roofing