A wooden house in California promises relaxation and tranquility

Wooden house facade - a modern design

The architectural office Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects designed this long, narrow one Woodhouse with the concept of connecting it to the environment. The building is located in Sebastopol, California and offers an interesting design alternative: wooden supports are used in the exterior design. The platforms around the house are open to the pool on one side and the studio / parking garage on the other. A wooden facade with massive windows looks inviting and cozy.

Modern house design – a wooden house in California

modern house architecture - a property in the forest

Southern light comes into the House thanks to the skylights and the many windows. When you enter this 1,700 square meter house, a dormer window rises above the dining area and the view really comes into its own. The building appears open and hospitable. The interior design is complemented by the art objects that are housed in the long bookcase. The home is crowned by a metal roof. Two spacious terraces and interestingly designed outdoor areas under the trees promise relaxation and tranquility.

 Interesting interior design idea from the USA

modern interior design - a wooden house in the forest

The Sebastopol residence is painted in warm colors and the surrounding trees add to the peaceful overall impression. The property, designed by TGH Architects and completed in 2008, is a great balance between nature and technology. The property is characterized by its clear, simple and inspiring structure.

Wooden house in the forest - interior design for bathroom

Wooden house garden - innovative architecture

Interior design in a modern wooden house

Wooden house decoration