A small wooden summer house in Moscow by Khachaturian Architects

small summer house wood moscow sloping roof

A small Wooden summer house was built in the industrial area of ​​Moscow. The customer wanted a multifunctional leisure area for the warm summer months, where he could come with his family, invite business partners or friends to a party and work alone in silence and meditation. The project of Khachaturian Architects offers all of this in one.

Wooden summer house opens to the forest

simple summer house natural wood moscow khachaturian architects

This place was chosen deliberately – away from the street noise and closer to the forest. The aim was to limit visual contact with the nearby factory and open up a view of the natural landscape. The whole shape of the house supports this concept, as each of the facades is rotated at a special angle in order to preserve the intimate atmosphere inside the house.

Wooden summer house integrates a birch tree

small summer house wood moscow khachaturian architects

The basement of the summer house is a rectangular terrace. The architecture divides it into three areas. The first is an open area that overlooks the factory and houses the entrance. The center of this room is a tree that acts as a sun shade in summer. The other two rooms are shielded from the factory. The slope of the roof is designed so that it should be a continuation of the facade. The west facade is broken diagonally to create a milder shape.

asymmetrical facades

summer house architecture asymmetrical shape facade

The entire wooden summer house is shaped by its structure. There are no hidden structures. The main building material is natural wood, which can withstand Russia’s harsh climate. The wooden slat facades are attached to the structures with polycarbonate. During the day, depending on the movement of the sun, the room is filled with different light-shadow patterns.

the birch is integrated into the terrace

wood house terraces birch tree integrated

merge into the landscape

small summer house simple look relax moscow

open terraces

small summer house natural wood moscow terrace wooden slats

asymmetrical shape

summer house raised natural wood building material terrace

summer house natural wood forest factory khachaturian architects

View inside

wood summer house interior open khachaturian architects

 away from the city

small wooden summer house moscow birch tree terrace

Play of light and shadow inside

Polycarbonate wooden slats summer house project

summer house wooden slats roofing light shadow play

summer house moscow landscape forest factory

small summer house made of wood moscow wooden slats glass polycarbonate

summer house wooden slats polycarbonate roof view

    summer house industrial area moscow khachaturian architects

plan summer house natural wood khachaturian architects

summer house moscow plan sketch west facade summer house plan khachaturian architects north facade summer house cross section khachaturian architects plan