A room glass house design with perfect balance built on the slope

imagine house one room designer glass house on the slope

This modern Glass house design is located near Almaty, Kazakhstan and was designed by the architecture studio A.Masow Design projected. The house was called the Imagine House and was built with precise balance on a slope. The property consists of one room and the glass walls ensure a wonderful view of the fabulous natural surroundings.

Modern glass house design with panoramic views of the natural landscape

side view stairs one-room glass house design on the slope

That Glass house design Imagine House was purposely not built in the city. The homeowner wanted a private property in a quiet place. That is why the Imagine House was built in the forest, 15 kilometers from the city. The glass walls ensure a breathtaking view of the beautiful natural landscape from all sides and the residents can quietly enjoy the relaxed surroundings.

The glass house with a transparent facade in the evening

side view evening one room glass house design on the slope

Glass house design with modern and stylish interior

leather sofa brown one-room designer glass house on the slope

That Glass house design von A.Masow does not look very modern and stylish from the outside. The Imagine House was built on one floor as a one bedroom property. The interior has been decorated in warm colors using natural materials such as wood and leather. The interior design impresses with functionality, style and comfort. This glass house is the perfect quiet retreat if you want to relax on the weekend.

Comfortable but modern interior with a view of the forest

wooden floor forest room designer glass house on a slope