A neoclassical single-family house in Frankfurt am Main renovated in a contemporary way

Residential conversion-project-inclusion-of-the-outdoor-spaces-converted-residential-house-top floor

“Pünktchen” is the name of this historic single-family house in Frankfurt am Main, which was carried out by green & Braun Architects + Dynamo Studio shines in new splendor in 2011. In order to do justice to the client’s wishes, the residential building at Fichardstrasse 12 was designed with a lot of transparency and extensively modernized while maintaining the original character.

Single-family house in Frankfurt with a rich history

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“Pünktchen” was initially conceived as a bourgeois town house for a family and built in the neoclassical style as part of the northern expansion of the city after the fall of the ramparts – like a number of similar neighboring buildings. After the Second World War, the original decorative ornaments and cornices on the exterior of the building were completely chipped off and the facade was covered with coarse plaster. From the previously well-proportioned room division inside, there was a division into small apartments. A low third floor was added to the house and turned into a simple, almost faceless apartment building.

The bright plaster facade looks like a passepartout


Inspired by the music of José Gonzalez, the creative team walked from green & Braun Architects converted the existing structure in the heart of Frankfurt’s urban center into a highly individualized and warm-radiating single-family house. For one thing, the old house should be noticeable. On the other hand, the team should find a new expression in which the clients could find themselves. The renovation followed the desire for a stronger inclusion of the outside areas, both the garden and courtyard areas on the ground floor, as well as the sun-drenched attic. The striving for more transparency and openness was also evident in the details.

Linking indoor and outdoor spaces


The single-family house in Frankfurt am Main invites you today with an extraordinary, tailor-made living environment. Like its neighboring houses, it is separated from the street by a narrow front garden. At the back – an idyllic winter garden blurs the line between house and nature.

Pictures by: P. Wünstel

Harmonic single-family house in Frankfurt am Main 


The dark metal frames of the studio windows emphasize the openings.

Clever rearrangement on the ground floor

rustic-wood-kitchen-handleless-cabinet-fronts-island-wall plaster

Original components such as the old coffered doors, one of the two vaults and the wooden staircase with curved cheeks have been preserved as far as possible. The street facade had to be completely rebuilt.

A house from the middle of the 19th century brought back to life

Renovated-house-neoclassical-interior-walls-vault-historical-building in-neoclassical-style-built-house-converted-dining-area-vault Children's room-beds-room-high-wood paneling-purple carpeting Home ideas-children's room-wall paint-saturated-purple-wood-bunk beds exciting-play-games-on-the-ceiling-bedroom-walls-wallpaper-patterned Wood-internal stairs-mezzanine-design-neoclassical-house-completely-rebuilt Spiral staircase-handrail-steps-solid wood-floor-walls-texture-pattern wallpaper Wood-spiral staircase-courtyard-garden-on-the-ground floor renovated-neoclassical-house-from-the-middle-of-the-19th-century-dining-area-decorative-ceiling-lamp Renovated-house-extraordinary-tailor-made-living-ambience-interior-walls-wood contemporary-renovated-neoclassical-house-wall-design-3d-pattern Bathroom-wall units-mirror doors-base units-wood-concrete-washbasins Lots-of-light-in-the-bathroom-built-in-bathtub-natural stone-floor-wall-tiles Room layout-dots-house-frankfurt-Grün-Braun-Architekten