A large collection of books characterizes a modern house renovation in London

house remodeling wooden staircase bookcases

Book Tower House is a typical Victorian terraced house in Hampstead, London. But only if you look at it from the outside, because the architects of Platform 5 Recently did their project for a studio modern house remodeling closed. The owners wanted to introduce contemporary interventions and have modern living spaces created, but only while maintaining and highlighting some ornate aspects of the original home. The key element was the need to maintain a large collection of books. As a result, after the renovation and expansion of the house, large book towers wind around a wooden staircase and fulfill every bookworm’s dream.

House remodeling of a Victorian terraced house

Victorian Terraced House Remodel Book Tower House

A simple palette of oak, brick and concrete was used in the interior design to delimit the different areas. The built-in wooden shelves serve as stage sets for everyday objects. The main feature of the modern house remodeling is a double height library that winds around a wooden staircase in the heart of the home. The oak wood and the large shelves with books create an intimate atmosphere. The tiered arrangement of the shelves mimics the stairs to create a feeling of moving upward through the room. At the top of the stairs there is a small work area that overlooks the main floor.

House remodeling characterized by a large library

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The kitchen stands out with the rich use of concrete and brick. After this modern house remodeling a side extension was built. Wooden beams allow light to flood in from above and form beautiful modular shelves over a brick wall. A large glass door leads to an outdoor seating area.

Oak staircase Spiral staircase-oak-house-conversion-book-collection

Built-in bookshelves

wooden stairs books book tower house london

Wine and book shelves

house remodeling wine racks bookcases

Wooden staircase

house conversion wooden staircase oak platform 5

Dining area

materials concrete brick oak house renovation kitchen

Brick wall and wooden beams

dining area wooden beams light brick wall

black glass fronts

kitchen island black glass front black kitchenette

untreated concrete

kitchen concrete kitchen island

Large format glass door

Renovate dining area Platform 5

Access to the terrace

Victorian house remodel outside seating area

Architectural plansbook tower house second floor architecture plan

architecture plan floor plan book tower house architectural plan book tower house platform 5