A great house on stilts by Datumzero – right on the Pacific Ocean

Wood concrete house architecture sustainable building Costa Rica

The modern building made of wood and concrete stands in a really impressive area, almost directly on the water. At the foot of the Nosara Mountains, Guanacaste in Costa Rica, in the middle of a tropical forest, the so-called K House offers a breathtaking view over the Pacific Ocean. The Costa Rican studio Datum Zero Design has this whimsical one House on stilts projected, planned and built in 2008 on behalf of a local lawyer.

House on stilts in the middle of the tropical forest offers a view of the Pacific Ocean

House in the middle of the forest-Costa Rica Guanacaste

That House on stilts was designed as a holiday home, where the owner can withdraw and relax after a stressful work week. The concrete building has a long horizontal shape and is only partially on the ground (the bedroom is on this side). If you look at the house from another side, it seems to float above the ground. However, the building is quite safe as it rests on tall steel stilts (up to 5 meters high). The wooden terrace offers plenty of seating and beautiful views over nature. The forest begins right on the doorstep.

House on stilts with comfortable furnishings

Wood wall cladding facade-modern house Costa RIca

That House on stilts from Date Zero design hides behind the tree branches of the tropical forest. Somehow there is a magical connection between house and nature. An outside staircase leads directly to the upper terrace. From there you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. The open living area includes a large salon, dining area and relaxation area. The house is modern and well equipped, a complete kitchen invites you to cook and have breakfast. The furniture is mainly done in natural colors. Wide glass walls create an airy feeling of space and allow natural light to flood the living space.

Spacious living room with seating

Open plan living space architect house Costa Rica

Residence in the middle of the tropical forest – open living space

Pavilion interior design wooden floor open space

K House in Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean

Sunny wooden terrace K-Haus Costa Rica

Large glass walls for more space

Airy space house interior design Costa Rica

Small kitchen in white and brown

Costa Rica house kitchen interior-wooden furniture design

Bright interiors in the K house

Modern house interior design glass wall design ideas

Sunny terrace with a table and a beautiful view

K-House Costa Rica wooden terrace

Chic bathroom furnishings in the K house

Bathroom simple furnishing ideas wall lighting

The K house on stilts – great location

K-house location Costa Rica

Side view

K-House architecture side view

View from above

K-house views