A “floating” house on stilts allows nature to flourish

Stilt house made of wood-in the forest-steep hillside balconies

That House on stilts Casa Flotanta is an amazing new building by the architectural office Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, built in 2013 in the spectacular canton of Puntarenas, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The property – located on a steep slope – presented a special challenge. In order to make optimal use of the local conditions, the team of experienced architects should develop their creativity.

Casa Flotanta – a house on stilts in the forest

modern house sea view Casa Flotanta hillside

On the Pacific coast of Costa Rica one takes life calmly and nature is allowed to grow and thrive here quite undisturbed. The chosen location in a wooded landscape made it possible to design open living spaces and balconies, so that one experiences the direct connection to nature.

A holiday home invites you to relax

Coastal house architecture in forest costa rica pacific coast

The architects saw the attractive project as an opportunity for untraditional architectural experiments. In order to ensure a wonderful sea view, which was only possible in the upper part of the site, the single-family house was to be built high on stilts. For this purpose, the ground was prepared and the slope was secured with retaining walls. On the other hand, the flora and fauna below the house remained undisturbed.

House with pent roof on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Pent roof house costa rica coast house sea view

The “floating” house on stilts appeals both with its unusual, straight-line architecture and its modern furnishings. It is made up of prefabricated repetitive modules connected by stable wooden suspension bridges. The interior has open side walls and is passively cooled. Living areas flooded by sunlight invite you to relax and linger. Thanks to the synthesis of creativity, sophisticated engineering, technological lead and technical competence, the architect was able to implement the client’s specifications both functionally and aesthetically.

Photos by: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

Take advantage of the location

Pent roof stilt house Costa Rica wood balconies-Casa Flotanta

Magnificent sea views 

Wooden balcony pent roof coastal house sea view balconies

Wooden stilt house-with sea view hillside-Costa Rica-Casa Flotanta

Open wooden house on stilts with sea view bamboo poles

Pent roof stilt house pacific coast costa rica sea view

House in the tropical forest hallway design-bamboo rods-flotanta

holiday home with sea view-balconies furnished-sitting area cushions

stilt house modern open house front living rooms wood cladding

Stilt house modern, open living space sun protection, wooden blinds

Open plan living room dining area-teak table-cooking area kitchen island

house on stilts interior design open living area-kitchen area

Stilt house interior design loft open mini kitchen island gas hobs

house in the forest-open wall dining area seating area-balcony upholstered cushions

tropical house on the hillside seating area comfortable seat cushions hanging lamp design

bedroom open house front balcony sea view wooden blinds

holiday home in the forest bedroom bathroom wooden doors exotic

Bathroom walls paint olive green wash table wood-bamboo privacy screen

Bathroom access to the deck-open wall hillside location

Bathroom exotic-countertop basin bamboo ladder-towel rail design

Modern house on stilts on the slope Casa Flotanta-Costa Rica

modern house with sea view-built on stilts-steep hillside

Casa Flotanta costa rica coastal house on a hillside