A country house with a sea view

Country house with sea views - excellent design idea

The H-shaped structure certainly stands for high-quality design! A project by the Stockholm-based architecture firm WRB. The H House, completed in 2006, is a private villa in the cool Country house-Style in wood, glass and steel. With a view of the ocean, this is it  Country house with sea views located in Trosa, one of the richest residential areas in Sweden.

Modern country house with sea views in Sweden

modern courtyard house made of concrete and steel - facade

The cabin has a modern H-shaped structure that surrounds the courtyard. The focus falls on the border between inside and outside. That Country house with sea views is completely adapted to the environment. The climate in the area is harsh with short and windy summers. Winds are the real problem in this coastal area. That is why the architects created intimate and sheltered courtyards to extend the summer season. It offered an easier transition between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Modern structure, innovative design – a country house in Sweden

interesting interior design idea - country house in Sweden

The H-shape structure surrounds the main porch, which has been built entirely under the roof. This Country house with sea views was built from concrete, rusted steel and untreated pine wood. The materials in the apartment continue the main concept of creating a peaceful home, at peace with the outside environment and climatic elements.

The living areas have concrete floors and look a little rough, while the private bedrooms have dark wooden floors and cozy interiors. There is also a boat dock for those who prefer to spend their free time outside.

minimalist villa - steel wall

stylish interior design - swimming pool

minimalistic exterior design from Sweden - terrace