A cantilevered component hovers over the driveway of this house in England

Projecting component house-black-facade-modern

The architects from the England-based AR Design Studio have designed a very special house with a black facade and contemporary design in Kent. The family for whom the house was designed wanted to move out of their Tudor house from the 15th century and have a modern dream house built. The architecture of your new home shows a modern style for both the facade and the interior. The area with the kitchen and dining room is designed as a cantilevered component that hangs over the driveway. Other areas of the house are also cantilevered, giving the impression that the whole building is “floating” in the air. This very special design language results in a modern overall design and thus fully meets the requirements of the customers.

Cantilevered component floating-house-large-garden

This modern cantilevered house is located in the middle of a rural area and therefore completely surrounded by nature. It has a total of four carefully sculpted gardens that each area of ​​the house overlooks. The outside of the house is designed with a dark, almost black facade, which is why the architects called their project “Black House”.

Projecting component above the driveway, kitchen-dining area

For the design, the architects opted for an unusual shape for the house, which makes it look like it is divided from the floor. A large, cantilevered component differs significantly from the others as it hangs far above the entrance to the garage. The kitchen and the everyday dining area are located in the 7 meter long cantilever. Sliding glass doors open to a balcony that overlooks the manicured garden.


At the opposite end of the house is the swimming pool, which is connected to the house by a small bridge. This garden path turns into a hallway when entering the house from the pool area. In addition to the pool, there is also a pool house and an outdoor dining area designed for pleasant evenings under the sky.

house-modern-design-bird's-eye-view-pool-courtyard-glass fronts

From a bird’s eye view, you can see that there is an inner courtyard in the middle of the house. This is surrounded on all sides with glazed walls that let natural light into the interior. A protected outdoor area can be used all year round to relax outdoors. It is designed with modern outdoor furniture and has a small gravel garden, a few small trees and a modern garden pond.


A cantilevered component usually not only looks interesting and modern from the outside, but can also be designed practically on the inside. In principle, it is nothing more than an upper floor, which is not directly above the lower one, but protrudes from it. This is how an upper floor can be designed without a ground floor. In the overhang of the house in England is a spacious, modern kitchen in white, designed with a long island. Right next to it there is an unofficial dining area for everyday life, as well as a wall unit with a TV and several wall shelves. The window fronts to the balcony and an elongated skylight on the ceiling ensure the large amount of light in the room.

dining room-wooden-table-black-pendant-lights-window-view-garden

All other interiors are just as light and airy. The home has a second, formal dining area for guests and special occasions. This area is again designed in light colors, with the solid wooden furniture and the black pendant lights creating great contrasts. A long, horizontal window overlooks the garden and looks like a natural mural.


The bathroom is neutrally furnished with large tiles and lots of mirrors. It has both a bathtub and a walk-in shower with a glass partition. Just like in the kitchen, there is a long skylight in the bathroom that lets a strip of daylight into the bathroom.


The two levels of the house are connected by a monochrome staircase. Here the white walls contrast with the black stairs and provide a modern accent.

Architecture and design by AR Design Studio