A + A by DVA Arhitekta- a white house with an abstract exterior design

renovated house optimized living space facade white dva arhitekta

The architecture studio DVA Arhitekta based in Zagreb has a modern one in 2012 White House realized with a striking appearance. Project A + А was designed for a young couple with a dog and included the renovation and remodeling of an existing house in the same neighborhood where they both grew up. Taking the existing building into account, the facade and living space have been optimized and now reflect the needs of the two new residents. In this way, the renovated house creates an exciting and powerful atmosphere in the area while at the same time maintaining the rhythm of the local architecture.

Renovated white house in Zagreb

two-family house renovated-conversion skylights optimized living space

The two-family house existing on the property should appear unchanged even after the renovation. For this reason, the architects decided to start with the existing floor plan of the house. Since the renovation, however, the contemporary building has been a stylish eye-catcher and focuses the attention of visitors and passers-by. The pure white exterior was balanced by a warm interior with wood accents and neutral colors.

White House A + A

Modern single-family house-white fronts-design facetted-a-house

The living space of 387 square meters is distributed over 2 floors and 2 mezzanines. Partly sloping rooms, oversized skylights and facet-like facade give the house spontaneity, rhythm and dynamism. The dormers are completely missing, but at the same time the existing house was expanded – most obviously on the roof. Equipped with contemporary designer furniture, the interior of the building impresses with its unique style and cosiness.

Visual effect of the facade and roof elements

a-a house asymmetrical-playful shape terraced houses modern

Modern white house with an asymmetrical floor plan

flat roof house white modern facade-croatia dva-arhitekta

Large windows open the front of the house

minimalist house architecture white building a-a abstract exterior

View inside the house

single-family house design modern a-a white-facade cladding-glass

Street view

architects house white-modern a-a dva arhitekta concrete privacy screen garden

Concrete wall surrounds the property

garden gate roofing concrete wall privacy screen modern white house

The stair design is a highlight

interior design furniture seating area leather stairs, handrail, chandelier a-a house

The living space looks intimate and warm

wood paneling kitchen built-in furniture chairs built-in ceiling lights

Photos by: Robert Les

A + A single-family home from DVA Arhitekta 

renovated family house a-a house-location zagreb-croatia

Single-family house floor plan top view a a-house dva arhitekta

minimalistic house two-storey mezzanine dva arhitekta view-in-section