15 of the most spectacular and beautiful bridges in the world that inspire

The stunning Banpo Fountain Bridge in South Korea

Lighting-Banpo Fountain-South Korea bridge modern

Creative and spectacular: the bridges of the world connect cities, places and people and constantly present architects and civil engineers with new challenges. The bridges have been considered architectural marvels of engineering knowledge and technology for ages and fascinate with their special aesthetics and unusual constructions. We show you 15 of the worldwide in our picture gallery most beautiful bridges. From small and antique stone bridges to gigantic steel lattice constructions and futuristic suspension bridges have become not only sights, but also symbols of a city, region or country.

The most beautiful bridges in the world – architectural masterpieces

sao paulo Octavio-Frias de Oliveira-Brazil the most beautiful bridge constructions

Depending on the geographical conditions – depending on whether you cross gorges, valleys or large rivers, the bridges of the world are very different. The length of the constructions varies between a few meters and several kilometers. This in Sao Paulo – Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge, built in 2008, fascinates with its height of 138m and length of 290m. The cable-stayed bridge is a motorway that has delighted city dwellers and city guests.

Ponte Veccio over the Arno, Florence

old bridge-segment arch bridge Ponte-Vecchio Arno florence-italy

One of the most romantic bridges in Europe is the Ponte Veccio, which crosses the Arno. The only bridge in Florence that was not destroyed by the Nazis during World War II is now considered to be the oldest segment arch bridge in the world. The imposing structure was erected in 1333. On the bridge, which is only 4 meters high and 90 meters long, there have been small jewelry stores next to each other for over 700 years.

Helix Bridge in Singapore

Modern bridges steel concrete boarding platform-Helix Bridge-Singapore

Helix Bridge in Singapore impresses with its special shape, which is modeled on the human DNA strand. The skyline of Singapore can be admired from the viewing platforms. The 228-meter-long stretch across the Marina Bay can be walked. The bridge has special lighting in red and green, which makes it shine in full splendor in the moonlight.

Henderson Wave Bridge, Singapore

fancy bridges meandering gold effect Henderson Waves-Singapore

One of the most unusual and most beautiful bridges is Henderson Wave Bridge in Singapore. Built in 2006, the meandering bridge has a span of 274m and is 36m high.

The Lego bridge in Wuppertal

Lego bridge-wuppertal beam bridge fancy modern

Architectural masterpieces – Python Bridge, Amsterdam

Python bridge-python bridge Amsterdam exceptional construction steel

Crossing and landmark – the Khaju Bridge, Iran

the most beautiful bridge-in the world night illumination Khaju-Iran

The canal bridge, Magdeburg

Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg canal bridge elbe the most beautiful bridges in the world

Panoramic shot from the Millau Bridge in France

Millau bridge-steel concrete-France bridges beautiful world largest

The invisible Moses Bridge in Holland – much more than crossing it

innovative moses bridge trench bridge holland

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

the most beautiful bridges in the world Langkawi Sky Malaysia

Rolling Bridge, London

bridges england modern innovative rolling bridge

extraordinary bridge constructions Rolling Bridge london

The Moon Bridge, Japan

Asian bridges classic construction Moon Japan

Spectacular bridge with ferris wheel – Tianjin Eye in China

Tianjin-Eye modern bridge China-Haihe river ferris wheel skyline