14 modern garden houses where you can work or even live in peace

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Internet and mobile devices have revolutionized work. With laptops, computers, smartphones and WiFi, a lot of work can now be done flexibly and independently of location. But without a little rest and concentration, the mobile office can quickly turn into a nightmare. Today we will show you how architects have found a solution for this: modern garden houses offer a comfortable and spacious retreat and can even be converted into alternative homes. See for yourself!

Modern garden houses as a home office

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Australian company Inoutside offers prefabricated modern garden houses to create additional outdoor living space. One of her designs is Cooba – a small contemporary building that could function as a backyard office, entertaining area or retreat for teenagers. The combination of medium-dark wood and black window and door frames looks very sophisticated.


This little backyard office was designed by Surman Weston. The outer cladding made of cork reduces the impact on the landscape and offers good heat and noise protection. The interior is completely clad with light birch plywood. The large skylight in the middle of the roof makes the room extra bright.


New York architects Hunt Architecture designed this narrow house, which is located in the garden of a townhouse in Brooklyn. The garden studio has a mini green roof and is the perfect place to relax or read a book. A skylight lets a lot of daylight flood into the room. In combination with the white wall paint, the house appears much more spacious.


This modern summer house was designed by Ashton Porter Architects for a writer in London. That’s why there is enough storage space and bookshelves. The aluminum elements give the house a modern touch.

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In the modern garden house you can not only work, but also engage in popular leisure activities, hobbies and sports. This Eastwest Architecture project, for example, is a modern take on the garden studio. The building is sunk slightly into the ground and impresses with its dramatic black facade cladding made of charred cedar wood.


The charred wood paneling was also used on this project. This contrasts with the interior clad in birch panels. The warm LED lighting provides additional effects.


Futuristic and elegant, this garden pavilion by Platform 5 Architects impresses with its organic architecture. It is located in the courtyard of a 1950s terraced house in St. John’s Wood, London, and is particularly harmonious in its surroundings.

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The next garden house is in Bussum, the Netherlands, and was realized by Serge Schoemaker Architects. It is clad with 2000 wooden shingles that were sanded, painted and individually assembled by hand. In contrast to the dark exterior, the interior appears light and airy thanks to the use of light birch wood. The various pieces of plywood were precisely cut to size and carefully assembled like a puzzle. The lightness of the material creates a calming atmosphere.


This small garden house stands on a floating concrete base and impresses with its dynamic architecture. The project was realized by Architensions for a writer and focuses on the connection between people and nature in an urban environment. Black-stained cedar wood was used for the exterior cladding and pine plywood was used for the interior. The warm wood becomes the unifying element between inside and outside.

Modern garden houses for living


The next example is one of the prefabricated houses from AVAVA Systems – a company based in San Francisco, USA. They provide eco-friendly houses that have everything you need for living: kitchen, bathroom, dining and sleeping areas.


This garden studio was created to serve as a quiet secluded place. There the residents can paint, sculpt and look after a small orchid garden. The interior design exudes a nostalgic retro flair.


The Danish architect Martin Kallesø designed this small guest house, which is located in the back yard of a private house in the Danish town of Præstø. The room is big enough to accommodate a double bed and a built-in wardrobe. A stay for a longer period would not be a problem.


This small garden studio has been carefully designed to accommodate a couch with a wall-mounted television, a work area, and a loft sleeping area. It offers the ultimate retreat in your own backyard.


Texas-based Sett Studio creates tiny offices for your own garden. This little house, for example, is 8.5 square meters and offers a good solution for those who want a private work area, but which remains in contact with nature and the garden.