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Barndominiums: Modernly converted barns as a new living trend

Barndominiums modern converted barn white facade front garden design with grasses

In recent years we have seen new trends in the world of residential construction towards sustainability, energy efficiency and functional, cost-effective construction and renovation. Much interest has focused on tiny and prefabricated houses. Since 2017, a new trend has been in the spotlight, which is enjoying growing popularity in the United States. Pinterest recently added the bar nominations to its list of top searches for April 2019. But what exactly is a bar denominium? Today we will show you an excellent example of one of these modern converted barns and give you tips on how you can bring the barn atmosphere into your own four walls.

That is why the bar dominiums are in vogue

House in the forest in barn style with large glass front modern

The building concept for bar dominiums is similar to that of barns. Barndominiums are much more than that, however. They are affordable, elegant homes with lovely outdoor spaces that can also be modernized. A bar dominium is in many ways the perfect combination of various architectural trends and interior designs. It offers the design customizability and cost advantages of a small home, but also the space that you can generally only get with a traditionally large home. Barndominiums have therefore succeeded in conquering their own niche in the real estate market. They have made modern bespoke homes more affordable than ever.

modern barn-style house with pitched roof swimming pool terrace with pergola

The barndominiums are mainly about the conversion of a former storage barn. Instead of being destroyed, the old building can be transformed into a full-fledged residential building with several rooms. It’s a kind of sustainable life. This is definitely part of the minimalist movement. Many people see this as a way to use their existing budget intelligently and be environmentally friendly. There are many reasons in favor of this type of lifestyle. These homes provide an open, spacious entertainment environment. This country house trend is officially here to stay.

modern converted barn before after pictures

If you’re a fixer upper fan, the above photo may sound familiar – the house was renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines in season 3, episode 6. At the time, Joanna said that she had dreamed of taking over a bar nomination for some time. The Meek family’s home counts among their most unique, and perhaps even most popular, renovations on the TV show.

renovated house in country style with a beautiful front garden

This house was originally a horse stable. The first floor had already been converted into a garage and storage room. The upper floor has been converted into a small apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen. The owners wanted to transform the barn into a functional and practical home for their family.

Light-flooded entrance area thanks to glass doors

Entrance hall in country style wooden drawer doors made of glass and steel

The furnishing is a combination of country house and loft style. White wood paneling combined with dark hardwood floors were laid throughout the house. The duo forms the perfect background for the elegant furniture with a vintage flair.

The space under the new stairs is used sensibly

three-quarter internal staircase with steel railing desk bookcases storage space under stairs

In the original floor plan, the only staircase that led to the top floor was on the outside of the barn. Therefore an internal staircase was built. The black steel banisters exude a modern stable feeling. With shelves for storing books and a wall-mounted desk, the space under the stairs was used sensibly and practically.

Cozy sitting area on the ground floor

Barn-style sliding doors painted white elements made of black steel

The ground floor has been converted into a continuation of the upstairs apartment. A small seating area was created there. The brown leather furniture contrasts nicely with the white wood paneling, while the 2 meter high glass and steel doors and windows allow plenty of natural light to flow into the living room.

converting old barn seating area leather furniture French doors

The dining room can seat up to 14 people

large long wooden dining table combined with black chairs

The spacious downstairs dining room is really the heart of this little barn and makes the house come alive. The Meek family love to invite relatives and friends to dinner parties, so this unique and inspiring place is perfect for their lifestyle. To really make the space stand out, this amazing 5 meter long table was custom made.

Country style dining area wood paneling black chairs metal hanging lamp

Retro-style dining room chairs and wooden dining table to match the white wood paneling

The children’s room motto is dedicated to the little one’s favorite hobby

Children's room in barn-style country house industrial Lego wall

Josh, the homeowner’s son, loves Legos. Getting the opportunity to surprise him with an entire Lego wall was so much fun for the designers. The nice thing about it is that the little one can let off steam creatively. In the children’s room there is also a wall-mounted desk for handicrafts and games, a single bed, a bedside table and some wall shelves. The windows are stylishly shaded with wooden awnings.

Children's room in industrial style for boys wood and steel

The kitchen is kept in black and white

large country style kitchen modern in black and white wooden island

According to the original design of this house, the kitchen was on the upper floor. Instead of planning the floor plan again, the designers decided to save the budget and keep the kitchen on the upper floor.

In addition to the new concrete cabinets and countertops, Chip and Joanna have installed an eye-catching, patterned tile mirror and a unique extractor hood. This actually consisted of wood. A specialist commissioned to paint the hood in a metal look, which saves costs. The mobile wooden island in the kitchen serves as a visual highlight in the room and forms a nice contrast to the black and white color scheme.

Country kitchen in white and black modern concrete countertops

Living room with dining area on the upper floor

Living room with dining area in country style black and white modern touch

A second dining area was created upstairs when family gatherings were to be more intimate. The dining table is smaller and can accommodate up to 6 people. A simple black iron chandelier looks great over the dining table.

House renovation before after pictures country style

With the jute carpet, the white linen sofa and the brown leather armchairs, the living room looks very cozy. The perfect mix of new and old gives the room a special charm. The vintage picture frames on the wall and the XXL metal clock in antique look round off the overall picture perfectly.

Country-style living room with a touch of industrial XXL clock

Sitting area in country house industrial style, wall pictures, deco jute carpet

Country style dining area wooden dining table black chairs chandelier

7 ways to give your home a barndominium flair

High ceilings, beamed ceilings, and large, open living spaces are the classic architectural features of a barn-style home. But not all of us are lucky enough to actually live in a converted barn or newly built bar den. In the following, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to give your home a bar dominium flair.

Exposed, rustic ceiling beams

Country Style Bedroom Glamor White Ceiling Beams Imitate

These are probably some of the more recognizable features of a barn-style home. These wooden structures are typical of gable roof houses and are mostly visible from below. The rafters should not only support the roof, but can also look really decorative. There is now a large selection of imitation beams on the market that can be easily mounted on the ceiling. Although they are made of polyrethane, they convince with their faithful reproduction of a natural wood look.

Country-style bedroom with artificial ceiling beams as decoration

artificial ceiling beams in wood look imitation beams in the bedroom

Bedroom in country style modern wallpaper in wood look imitation roof beams

Barn doors are practical and space-saving

modern sliding door in barn door design in gray

Barn design sliding doors are a very effective way to add rustic charm to your home. Not only do they look good, they also offer a practical solution for small spaces. Due to the sliding door fittings, you do not have to take into account any additional pivoting range when open, as with a typical door. As a result, barn doors are becoming increasingly popular and can be bought at many hardware stores and door dealers. If you want to get your hands dirty, you can also restore an old door yourself.

Modern sliding doors and systems in barn door design

A large solid wood dining table should not be missing in a farmhouse

Solid wood dining table is a must in a country house

It doesn’t matter how your home is decorated, a farmhouse table is a versatile piece of furniture that never looks out of place. What matters is how you style your table. For example, it could be painted white and combined with modern chairs, or just stained and waxed so that the wood maintains a natural look. Knee-leg tables are great when you want to put more chairs around the table, while round tables are great for smaller spaces. If the table is placed in a corner, a bench is a recommended option.

Dining area chairs and bench combination jute carpet

Wood paneling brings a rustic flair with a modern touch to the room

maritime baby room wall design wallpaper in wood look white chest of drawers

Shiplap is a type of wood paneling typically used on the outside of barns and outbuildings in the United States. By using it in the interior, however, the same rural effect can be achieved. Fortunately, these days there are also inexpensive variants that are also easy to find. The large selection of wallpapers in wood optics that look deceptively real opens up many possibilities for us.

Wallpaper in wood look white wood paneling stage country style

Colours & Fabrics that go with the barn style

the country house style lives from bright colors

A bar dominium interior usually comes in a neutral color palette. This maximizes the sense of space from architectural features such as rafters and ceiling beams. It is best to use beige, cream and gray tones with undertones of blue and green. The same applies to home textiles. Use natural materials like linen, cotton, and jute. Simple patterns such as stripes also blend harmoniously into the overall picture.

Lights made of wood, glass and metal

Luminaires that harmonize perfectly with the barn style

Luminaires are a simple, inexpensive and extremely effective way to change the aesthetics and mood of a room. Decide on materials such as wood, metal or glass. The lights could look industrial or shabby chic and should be color-coordinated with the furnishings.

Reuse old finds

From old to new furniture, bed, headboard and coffee table

Breathe new life into old things by turning them into new furniture for your bar dominium. They exude a lot of charm and are unique! For example, you could try turning an old door into a headboard for your bed or a coffee table with hairpin legs. Here you will find a great selection of creative upcycling ideas!