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Wooden house by Nordicasa Design & Construction

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa

Nordicasa design & Construction is an architecture firm with true Scandinavian traditions in the construction of handcrafted luxury log cabins and luxury log houses. With their wooden natural design, they deliver a house with a special natural look.

Magnificent wooden architecture

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa kitchen

For this project, the architect started Jaak Kangro from Nordicasa Design & Construction a process that with a beautiful Woodhouse ended in a ski resort in Spain. A wooden house in the mountains, close to every winter sports resort, sounds like a dream come true, and when it is made in such a great design, it is even twice as attractive. When you rent it for a winter vacation there is always a chance to fall in love with it.

The wooden architecture gives the house warmth

Pine house from Nordicasa - outside

The wood-clad house is almost entirely encased in 165mm of laminated pine, which is what makes its appearance so unique. Pine wood is a natural material that creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. This rustic home will make you feel like you’re in a mountain cabin both inside and outside, but it’s not just the traditional design that makes it so special. It has modern extras like the tiny windows and a stone main entrance. The woody interior gives every room a rustic chic, while the open concept on the ground floor is conducive to socializing and entertainment. Also take a look at the living room, fireplace and dining area.

Pine wood house design

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa door

Pine wood house by Nordicasa stairs

Pine house by Nordicasa children

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa Kinderzimmer

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa Design

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa -dining area

Pine villa - kitchen white

Pine wood villa bathroom

Pine house by Nordicasa -bedroom

Pine wood villa by Nordicasa -living room