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“Under Pohutukawa House” – The exotic luxurious wooden house

exclusive wooden house design by Herbst architects

AUTUMN Architects had to cancel their other work when they were assigned one exotic luxurious wooden houses to design. When they saw the site, which was already full of many mature Pohutukawa trees, the resulting house is named immediately after those trees. ‘Pohutukawa House’ is located in Piha, New Zealand. The project has been very appropriately named as these wonderful trees fit directly into the design specification of this one exotic luxurious wooden house led.

Exclusive wooden house in the middle of the forest

exclusive wooden house in new zealand

Unwilling to destroy the beautiful trees, Herbst Architects decided to integrate them into the building. In fact, this house represents the fairytale festival of wood in general, not just the surrounding woods. It’s like a built shrine for wood construction and wood sculpture. Almost everything about the “Pohutukawa House” relates to wood. Interestingly enough, there is a clear reference to the current trend towards industrial design in some of the interiors. These exotic luxurious wooden house is just great. The raised frames allow for glass inserts to provide excellent views of the natural environment all the way up to the sky. It’s positively breathtaking. Yet despite the great inspiring awe of this exotic luxurious wooden house, the natural wood elements ensure that this house still looks friendly and safe. The wooden structures and diverse range of art and handcrafted wooden elements show how versatile wood is as a creative medium.

Exclusive wooden architecture

exclusive wooden architecture of Pohutukawa house

A most stimulating aspect of this exotic luxurious wooden house is the wonderful sculptural quality in its interiors. This is likely to be largely created by the exciting formal relationships between the natural and controlled wood forms, i.e. the living trees and the house itself. The architects have taken the subject further to the extension of abstract sculptural manipulation of forms and shapes through the use of soft wood in multiple manifestations.

Dining room design in the luxurious wooden house

modern dining room in an exclusive wooden house

This includes floor-to-ceiling geometric wall coverings made from a very dark wood and carved to achieve a low relief. This special feature makes a magnificent design statement on a wall and draws attention up to the full height of the living space in it exotic luxurious wooden house. The network of wooden structures is precise and angular, and relates to mass production and industry. This supporting system brings together all aspects of the room and casts fabulous walking shadows on the interior design. In order to create more private areas within the main framework of the house, shelves and decorative partitions are positioned to define separate areas for restful sleeping and working conditions.

There is a lot more that is dreamlike about this exotic luxurious wooden house could be said, but the pictures will catch up to the thousands of words.

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“Under Pohutukawa House” – exotic wooden house

Under Pohutukawa House- exotic wooden house in New Zealand

Exclusive wood interior design

exclusive wood interior design in the luxurious house

Luscious wood design

luxurious wood design by

Recreation area in the exotic wooden house

relaxation area in the exotic wooden house Pohutukawa

Bedroom in the Pohutukawa house

bedroom in the luxurious Under Pohutukawa house

wood design in

Facade of the exotic wooden house

exotic wooden house design - dark wood facade

Architectural plans for “Under Pohutukawa House” in New Zealand

exclusive wooden house in new zealand architecture plan exotic wooden house in new zealand plan wooden house by Herbst architects - Architekturplan plan of a wooden house by Herbst architects