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“Trunk House” – The modern log cabin design

trunk house - modern log cabin design

This fascinating project originated in Australia, but is likely influential around the world. On an elevated hill within a quiet and mature forest, this represents “Trunk House” the perfect amalgamation between modern architecture and technology and traditional local building methods modern log cabin design developed together from the requirements of the customer and the natural environmental influences.

Modern log cabin on the slope

trunk house - wooden log cabin

That modern log cabin design is located in the picturesque setting of Victoria’s Central Highlands. It’s a relatively small building, but intelligent use of space ensures that the interior is very comfortable and by no means cramped or cramped. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows reduce the barriers of perception between inside and outside in the most important living areas. In this way, the full impact of the forest landscape becomes an integral part of the modern log cabin design. Constructed in part from roughly hewn wood, the building is essentially modern, but also retains links to historical local building traditions.

Gorgeous log cabin design in Australia

trunk house - modern forest hut in australia

The house skeleton of modern log cabin design was inspired by the trees themselves and other natural shapes and structures. Parts of fallen trees have been minimally refined and built into the structure in a seemingly natural state, except for some metal reinforcement made invisible by a sculptor. Other woods were procured and prepared on site. The wood material from the forest and that modern log house are therefore inextricably linked. The gently curved facade and canopy of “Trunk House” is an obviously modern refinement. However, the dominant use of native wood and the sinuous column structures anchor that modern log house firmly in place both physically and visually. The small structure encourages the forest to embrace the house, which creates a pleasant harmony and balance.

minimalist interior design in the modern log house

minimalist interior design - log cabin in australia

Bedroom in a log cabin – wood design

trunk house - log cabin in australia

The interior design from modern log house is inviting and cozy. The fusion of traditional and modern themes continues on the inside. All walls and ceilings have wooden beams and cladding like a conventional hut structure. However, the layout of the living spaces is more natural, based on a system of interconnected irregular living spaces. Most of the furniture and cupboards have been adapted so that the main timber construction is continued. Comfortable, large cushions form the seating area like a nest, ideal for relaxing. Returning to tradition, a large wood-burning stove becomes a fabulous focal point in the open plan living room and kitchen area. A rug made from animal skin and a selective collection of art objects add a personal and friendly flair the modern log house design.

The families who wanted this hideaway were given the perfect place to enjoy the forest in cozy surroundings.

by Jaz

Modern wooden architecture

modern architectural log cabin in australia

Kitchen and dining area in trunk house

kitchen and dining area in the log house

Timber architecture of trunk house

wooden architecture of log cabin - australia

wooden pillars of modern wooden house