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The innovative design office – Argonauten G2 GmbH

innovative office design by Ern + Heizl Architects

This innovative office design will be completed in 2006 in Berlin, Germany. Argonauten G2 GmbH is an extraordinary project created by Christiane Ern and Simeon Heinzl. The architects have an incredibly new, innovative example of a modern one Office design presented, with their improvements in functionality, style and comfort.

Fututistic office design

futuristic office design

One of the interesting things about this innovative office design is the choice of furniture. The various areas in the lobby and other parts of the office are not separated by walls, but by various custom furniture. The shelves and partitions are application-specific, MDF, made of white lacquered wood, modular furniture systems. In this case, it is good that made-to-measure furniture is used because the furniture is placed in different areas where it needs to be adjusted. They have different heights and styles, but they connect the different rooms in a very special way. The lack of walls makes the area more expansive. The white color of the walls allows the different areas of the office design to look optimal in their actual size.

Stylish office design in Germany

stylish office design in Germany

The concept of this futuristic office design is the architectural expression of mobility. Made from incredibly lightweight materials, some of the furniture can be rearranged to suit guests’ needs. The over-expansive space gives a nice feeling of comfort and freedom. This beautiful one  innovative office design is nothing like what we are used to seeing, actually it is quite the opposite.

Tasteful made-to-measure furniture

Custom-made furniture in the office

The refined, curved lines of the furniture and the bright, stylish office design represents an idea of ​​peace and joy. The design is a perfect complement for the purpose of the architecture. The modern notion of an office is not the pile of sticky old furniture and the smell of mold. It’s the clean, modern, expansive one Office design concept and is represented in every way by these talented German architects.

Rebecca T.

Photos by Stefan Müller, Berlin.

Designed by Ern + Heinzl Architects

minimalist design

minimalist office design

Comfort and freedom in office design

Comfort and freedom in a futuristic office design

futuristic furniture design in the office