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The fascinating minimalist little house by “2 By4 Architects”

Freizeithaus appears to be floating on the water – “2 By4 Architects” from Rotterdam

minimalistic little house - from afar

Built as a leisure home this is charming small minimalist house pleasantly situated on an island in the Lake District of ‘Loosdrechtse Plas’ in the Netherlands. At first glance, the structure is a traditional wooden clad house with a gable roof. This first impression is deceptive, on closer inspection of this property is a typical one minimalistic little house. The interior space is very compact but cleverly arranged to provide every comfort for the owners. The minimalist style is particularly appropriate as the design places an emphasis on maximizing the functionality of the home. Elegant furnishings and furniture ensure that the beauty of the interior design comes from the appearance of these functional elements, rather than additional embellishments.

Fireplace hangs from the ceiling in the small minimalist house

minimalistic small fireplace from the ceiling

This home is in a beautiful location and large windows ensure that the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces are minimized. The change of seasons does not prevent the joy of the minimalist little house, as it is sufficiently insulated to withstand even the harshest winter conditions. So the spectacular scenery can be appreciated all year long from this cozy hideaway.

Small terrace from the minimalist leisure house

minimalist small house - facade

When the weather is nice, one of the panes of the opens minimalist little house entirely on a beautiful terrace, so that indoor and outdoor areas are connected. Perhaps even more dramatically, entire parts of the wooden facade can be pulled back so that an even wider panorama is exposed. As soon as this wooden facade is opened, the floor of the living room is directly connected to the lake, which offers the ultimate connection with nature. D.he minimalist little house orients itself on the path of the sun. The morning light wakes the rooms to the east and in the evening the areas facing west are bathed in the rosy glow of the setting sun.

Movable wooden facade of the small leisure house

minimalistic little house - movable wooden facade

Although small in scale, this contains minimalist little house all modern equipment. It is a very attractive, fully equipped bathroom with shower, a comfortable kitchen and lots of storage space, essential for the perfect look and tidiness in the minimalist interior and free from chaos. An ingenious fireplace is suspended from the ceiling, but the position can be rotated depending on where heat is most needed.

Large glass windows

minimalistic small house- large glass windows

Seen from the mainland this seems minimalist little house tempting to hover over the island. This vision promises many pleasant hours of contemplation of the natural world during an ideal break from everyday life.

by Jaz

Sideways view from the small minimalist house

minimalist leisure house side view

Magnificent surroundings

minimalistic small house - beautiful landscape

Architectural plan of the small leisure house – “2 By4 Architects”

minimalist small house architecture plan