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‘Shuvalovsky Apartment’ – the epitome of urban chic interior design

by Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina – Geometrix Design, Moscow Russia

living room design - urban chic furniture

This Urban chic interior design can be found in the prestigious Shuvalovsky Prima apartment complex in Moscow. Russian designer Geometrix design have renovated the whole interior of this apartment and the result is ultra-modern, elegant and stylish. If you want to achieve a similar sophisticated urban style in your home interior, then this apartment could be useful inspiration.

An elegant black and white palette is the foundation of this urban chic interior design.

luxury living room design in moscow

The unifying factor in this luxurious apartment is the strong contrasting black and white scheme of the interior design. The designers have incorporated a wide variety of contrasting surfaces, textures and patterns throughout the apartment, but it is the monochromatic backdrop that brings it all together. The resulting scheme is harmonious and elegant. There is no concession to history here, all aspects of interior design and furnishings relate to modernity. However, this could be considered a classic modern with styles that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Limited splashes of color were in the Urban chic interior design introduced to add energy and a personal touch. For example, a stylized picture of a young woman adorns a bedroom wall, like a pink desk and colorful teddy bears. In the living room, brown furniture adds an inviting, warm touch to the ambience.

This Urban chic interior design makes an elaborate design statement

urban chic interior design - living room

Geometric patterns are complemented in the bathroom as well as the random butterfly motifs that soften the effects and brighten the atmosphere. Dark wood is also brought into the design scheme, as is several highlighting units in chrome. The polished surface of the numerous bright metallic objects exaggerates this modernist interior design statement and adds dynamism through the abundance of changing reflections.

white dining area in luxury apartment

Although clearly modernist, there is nothing minimalist in the concept. It makes a big and opulent positive impression. This house is for people who enjoy comfort and want to be surrounded by fascinating objects and artifacts. The designers took care of their customers’ love for the big design statements. The apartment is full of them. If you’d like to create a similar modern living environment then there are plenty of visual cues here to give you a personalized one Urban chic Achieve interior design.

by Jaz

luxurious living room with urban chic furniture

 luxurious white kitchen

urban chic interior design in moscow

luxurious white kitchen idea

Interesting shiny wooden shelf in the bedroom

bedroom wall decoration - wood and lights

luxurious bedroom - black and white design

  Purple design in the nursery

kids room with purple furniture design

Great wall decoration

urban chic interior design- great wall painting

Urban chic – modern bathroom design

urban chic - modern bathroom design

Luxurious bathroom interior

urban chic - luxurious bathroom interior

glamorous luxurious bathroom design