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Plans for a holiday home with an idyllic courtyard

house with an idyllic courtyard

This Holiday home in City of Seal Rocks, Australia is from the talented Australian Architects Bourne Blau created. Australian architecture has always surprised us with unique design ideas and this is no exception. Let’s take a look at this extraordinary, idyllic building. This house is surrounded by an inner garden and terrace. It is suitable for outdoor activities, where you can chat and eat together. Being close to nature is not an ordinary thing for people who live in the city. This is actually one of the city’s major drawbacks. That’s why it’s great to have a house like this somewhere that is quiet and peaceful.

White facade of the holiday home

house with an idyllic inner courtyard - white

Staying in a place like this can really make you feel like you are being born again. The seductive beauty of the home is just perfect for people who have worked restlessly all year round. During our hectic everyday life, we all dream of a vacation in a house with a courtyard like this one. Imagine a weekend there, two weeks, or even a month. Most likely, such an idea alone will freshen you. This environment is framed with glass walls so that natural sunlight can pass through without external glazing. The sliding glass doors are not a clear boundary between the interior and exterior areas. This is ideal for the warm weather.

Idyllic house by Bourne Blau

house with idyllic inner courtyard -closed

The minimalist interior is just another plus for this lovely vacation home. This rustic-style house is made from simple materials: CFC-clad walls, polished wooden floors and wooden ceilings. The furniture is also suitable for this type of facility. They have been carefully chosen to match the design of the home. This Holiday home is designed for people with good taste. You can see that the whole place is designed to inspire and give you peace and quiet.

Idyllic house for relaxation

house with idyllic inner courtyard -closed  house with idyllic courtyard light

house with idyllic courtyard kitchen

house with an idyllic inner courtyard bench

house with an idyllic inner courtyard at night

house with an idyllic courtyard garden

house with an idyllic inner courtyard mat

house with an idyllic inner courtyard plan