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Modular house design for a vacation in the middle of the forest

Hill-Maheaux container house from Kariouk Associates in Ottawa

Modular house design in the middle of the forest

A dark red one Modular house in the middle of the forest in Canada impresses with its innovative design. Designed by Hill-Maheux Cottage, this unusual holiday home was built as a container system. It bears no resemblance to the traditional mountain hut, but is characterized by innovative construction and bold color, which gives the house an elegant look and has proven to be very practical. Color and shape are combined in a creative way and make a clear statement about the character and preferences of the owner.

Dark red modular house with an elegant look


The dark red color of the facade from Modular house ensures that the house does not go unnoticed. The house was designed as a modern retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. The family specified a private building, so the walls shield the residents’ privacy. The interior remains hidden from strangers, and casual visitors can only marvel at the exciting geometric volumes from the outside.

Modular house with an elegant colored interior

modern-Scandinavian-furniture-living room

The focus in the interior remains on the needs of the family – namely that a comfortable and stylish interior design creates a homely atmosphere. In contrast to the red walls, the interior was dated Module houses built-in large glass walls that allow plenty of light into the house. Strategic sliding glass doors open the house to the forest and offer beautiful views of the surroundings. The composition in the interior is uncomplicated – simple furniture construction, but in strong colors. The curved walls in the bedroom contrast with the otherwise angular shapes. The bedroom, bathroom and storage space are protected in a well-protected module, while the living room and kitchen appear more open.

Scandinavian style interior

Bedroom blue stool

Metal plates on the walls serve as decoration, an iron spiral staircase leads to the other building volume. The walls are decorated with drawings that the family made together. The living room is furnished in a Scandinavian style, an interesting stool covered in fur provides accents. Blue, red, orange – the strong colors contribute to a cozy ambience.

From Jaz

Living room – decorate in a Scandinavian way

Living room-Scandinavian-furnishing

Fireplace in the living room

Fur stool spiral staircase prefab house interior

Interesting iron staircase connects the two components


Marble in the bathroom

Marble bathroom bathtub

Glass walls open the house

Glass wall-rattan-furniture-red-cushions

Container house blueprint

Container house blueprint

Modular house building sketch

Modular house building sketch