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Modern wellness architecture – the Römerbad thermal bath in Austria

Exterior design of Thermal Römerbad

The Thermal Römerbad has a unique one Wellness interior design from Behnisch Architects created. It was built in 2007 in the Austrian ski resort Bad Kleinkirchhem. The Römerbad was built in 1978. The unique thing about it is that it was the first wellness resort in the area. Today that includes Wellness interior design an extension with new attractions and modern facilities for children.

Modern wellness interior design

Interior design by Thermal Römerbad

Although the new Wellness interior design completely transformed into “Römerbad”, it still resembles its earlier appearance. It is not undetectably modified. The new architecture is more attractive. The new equipment and the new shapes and curves make the existing proportions a little different. A new terraced landscape is part of the overall design. That modern wellness interior design Definitely stands out because there are new perspectives and innovation in terms of modern wellness architecture shows.

minimalist interior design in the Wellness Römerbad

Minimalistic design in the Thermal Römerbad

In contrast to others modern Wellness architecture, this is in perfect harmony with the natural landscape. The various extended areas have a completely different atmosphere and bring different types of relaxation and regeneration. There is a zone for meditation and a zone for excitement where guests can enjoy the fascinating views of the mountains. This is a perfect example of how that modern Wellness architecture can merge with the surrounding landscape and atmosphere.

Modern wellness architecture

Interior design of Thermal Römerbad in Austria

The exceptional quality of “Römerbad” sends the top of the modern wellness architecture. When it comes to perfection in this type of activity, the combination between the environment, innovative architectural ideas, style and materials is in absolute harmony. Architects have the option, modern wellness architecture using the highest quality materials and the best technological resources to create. The result is only down to their imagination and skills.

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Thermal Römerbad in Austria - distant view

Wonderful landscape in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Landscape - Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Magical lighting

Exterior design of Thermal Römerbad in Austria   Lighting from the exterior design of Römerbad

Wood detail from exterior design

Detail of the exterior design - Römerbad Wellness

Modern wellness design

Bathroom design in the Römerbad thermal bath in Austria

Recreational areas in the “Römerbad”

Thermal Römerbad in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Thermal Römerbad in Austria - indoor pool

  The restaurant in the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Restaurant in the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Architectural plans of the Römerbad thermal bath in Austria

wellness architecture plan - Thermal Römerbad in Austria

wellness architecture plan from Thermal Römerbad

Architectural plan of Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Photographs by Roland Halbe

Designed by: Behnisch Architects